eight ears, two faux.

September 15, 2009

I dig Shade Throne‘s new necklace The Perfect Tune and, of course, &Bean‘s Lake skin. The latter I’ve had since release day, but I’ve been practicing the art of delayed gratification. I wouldn’t recommend it, btw. ;) The gloves and watches are from a cool store named YV. I’d been there before and loved the offerings, but again, practiced delayed gratification and promptly lost the lm and all hope of finding it until Dec shot me the location, by random chance, last night. Wheee…!!! Thanks babes! The moral of the story kids? Fuck delayed gratification, just do it. xo, Abra

details below.

hair: Epoque Shipping & Handling in Black Tones (edited the bow a bit bigger)
skin: &Bean Lake in Last Weekend, Pale, Freckles
tattoo, chest: Tarnished ChouChou
tattoo, stomache: MiaSnow Toast

top: 4EvaGutta eM0dOp3 corset
skirt: Milk Motion My Leather Fringes skirt
leggings: Shampoo kirakira torenga (group gift)
boots: Shiny Things Comfy Boots in Charcoal

earrings: Muism Jewelled Stud, Gold.Clear
necklace: Shade Throne The Perfect Tune in gold party
gloves: YV Vivien in Shiny Black, Short Finger Glove
watch, wrist: YV Naomi in Shiny Black/Gold
watch, upper arm: YV Neo in Shiny Back/Gold
bunny: Scribble Baby Bunny in hand in Spot
wallaby: Tangram Skip the Wallaby (CSR 2008 gift)

poses by TorridWear

{{ by Abra Exonar @ Better Imagined by Abra }}

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