dog days of summer.

September 15, 2009

Holdin’ on…and yes we are. So is the weather too, as the sweltering heat of summer slowly bakes off into the autumn. Here’s a little vintage-y look, inspired by my new favorite sneakers, Pididdle‘s adorable Canvas Shoes. Brutus really did a fantastic job! I love their cute Keds-like shape as well as the umpteen colors they come in. It was serendipity that Artilleri‘s new Wilma dress matched perfectly, and same goes for Boom‘s Wrong Size Cardi. The former is vintage heaven, comes sleeveless and with a color change belt. The later is cuteness, bustin’ at the seams! Zooby‘s Pet Pug Carrier is nowhere near new news on SL, but oddly enough, I hadn’t featured it here until now. It’s so adorable and well made; for all the girls who haven’t pulled their pup out of the closet for a while, I’m sure the lil creatures would appreciate it! ;p Last thing to mention is Noju‘s antique rose headdress. The other day, I featured Noju‘s comfy roomwear, and this headpiece is another great addition to this store’s ever-growing repertoire. Keep on, keepin’ on, folks…xo, Abra

details below.

headdress: Noju Antique Rose Head Dress
hair: Junwave Rina in Side bangs/D-Brown
skin: My UglyDorothy Emma’s Hostilities 01
tattoo: Tarnished Chouchou
plasters: Reek Bandaids Plain

cardigan: Boom Wrong Size Cardi in Red
dress: Artilleri Wilma Dress in Pink
socks: Naive Ankle Socks in Yellow
shoes: Pididdle Canvas Shoes in Saltwater Taffy

necklace: Epoque Classic Pearls
watch: Chronokit Watch No.34 Comet Female
bag: Zooby’s “The Z Bag” Ultimate Pet Pug Carrier

poses: KiiToS!!

{{by Abra Exonar @ Better Imagined by Abra }}

4 Responses to “dog days of summer.”

  1. Aristoteles Allen Says:

    The flowers in the head, very spanish, love it!

    quack! <3

  2. cute doggie !!! *scratches ears*

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