scrambled eggs.

September 12, 2009

I put this look together last night and it just felt right to wear it today. Sleepy Saturday. Usually it’s sleepy Sunday, I know. And also, I usually like the whole ‘get up and go’ attitude of an early weekend, but this week I want a slow weekend of tea and movies and pasta dinners and maybe a slow jog around my neighborhood so I don’t feel like a total slug. Pull out the slippers and unwrap the Netflix, everybody! xo, Abra

details below.

headband: Church of Luxe Bunny Ears in Little Bunny Tiffany
hair flowers: Miel Am Tulip headband in Vino
hair: Dernier Cri Audrey in Brown Shades
skin: Rockberry Lily B in Natural FR
tattoo: Duboo Cloud’s Tear
nails: Gisele Nails in Princess Pink (free)
lashes: BP* Lashes of Toy (old group gift)

dress: Noju Rose Dot Roomwear in Gray
socks: League Ella Stockings in GreyBrown-Brown Garter
shoes: Atomic Bunny Flop (old VIP gift, I think they’re for sale now)

necklace: Yummy Chained Heart Necklace
watch: Draconic Kiss Teddy Watch (old CSR gift, I think a Bunny version is available in store)
bunny: Quest’s Bunny v2

poses: Sugarcube

4 Responses to “scrambled eggs.”

  1. […] would appreciate it! ;p Last thing to mention is Noju’s antique rose headdress. I featured Noju’s roomwear the other day, and this headpiece is another great addition to this store’s ever-growing repertoire. Keep […]

  2. Aisha Toshi Says:

    I would love to know where can i find the rabbit because by Quest’s i find nothing. Thanks!!!

  3. Abra Exonar Says:

    Hi Aisha, the Quest bunny is made by Quest Jarrico. Someone else asked about where to find it, I guess the store has gone MIA. Maybe try IMing the creator as I bought mine months ago at the now defunct location! Good luck hun!! <33

  4. Aisha Toshi Says:

    thankssss!!! :***

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