iSpy Challenge.

September 11, 2009

by night…private soirées to attend to, secrets to uncover and jewels to steal…

Marni and I were chatting about stuff and she mentioned she’d be a horrible, clumsy spy. Then we talked about spy outfits. Then it was like, well, there has to be a spy blogger challenge now. And here we are. Here is my contribution to the iSpy Blogger Challenge. I don’t know if I’d make a good spy. I think I’d get nervous and maybe fumble the keys. Then again I’m flexible and observant and I can keep people’s secrets. And I’m a straight shot. Maybe I’d make a good spy in a movie. The men are handsome and the outfits are to die for. xo, Abra

and by day…dusting the old millionaires mantle, ruffling through his dresser, making him white oleander tea…

details below.


Hair: DP**yumyum #18 in Black
Skin: Redgrave Leona Pale in 05b Cherry
Heart: Nomine Magdalena Heart (part of gown set)
Nails: MAI in Black (in store gift)

Coat: P-K Opened Trench in Noir
Dress: Plastik Boudoir in Noir
Belt: Wide Waist Belt in Black
Leggings: Lei Lacetop Tights in 100 Denier Black (coming soon)
Boots: J’s Ankle Boots Round in Black

Sunglasses: VintageWear Oversized Shades in Metal
Cigarette: Gentlemen Napalm Yellow V.2
Guns: Rapture Dual P99s, with silencers on ;)

Pose by Couverture (part of prim skirt set)

Hair: Zero Style Komugi in Raven
Skin: LEI Moley (warm)

Dress + Headband: Edelweiss Carol
Leggings: LEI Lacetop Tights in 100 Denier Black (coming soon)
Shoes: Kookie Yuki in Ink Black

Earrings: Muism Jewelled Stud in gold/clear
Glasses + Leg Granades: Edelweiss Roberta
Gloves: Pididdle Gloves in Black
Gun: LPP Tommy Gun
Gun Case: Gasmask Flower Violin Case (part of rad set)

Pose by Couverture (part of prim skirt set)

5 Responses to “iSpy Challenge.”

  1. icampese Says:

    both looks are great, but the second one is jsut perfect! these glasses make the outfit <33

  2. Love love love. I think you make an excellent spy :D

  3. linkademina Says:

    ahahah i love both looks;))First one is my fav:)

    Great job Abra :)

  4. Abra Exonar Says:

    Wow thank you everyone!!!!! <333333

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