hybrid’s blogger challenge.

September 6, 2009

I saw Hybrid’s blogger challenge, to blog with a bigger shape and wear a cute outfit. My shape is quite sizable compared to my usual, I just upped the sliders, although I have no idea how big it is in comparison to what the challenge requested. Nevertheless, I had fun with this, my first ever challenge. When I first rezzed in world, like most people I was unaware that what looked like a normal height on screen was like 7’6″, and my proportions followed accordingly. I’ve since settled into my size, but I really am really liking this shape as well. This was a fun challenge! xo, Abra

details below.

hair: !Lamb Babys on Fire in Butterfinger
hair accessory: Miel Am Tulip headband in Champagne (old subscribo gift)
skin: Redgrave Leona Pale #10a Blue w/hair
nails: Gisele Ancient Pearl (free)

jacket: COCO Denim Jacket in Midnight
dress: Church of Luxe Angel dress in Ivory
vest: fri. Halter Vest in tan
leggings: Niniko Leggings 3Type in Black
boots: Treads Kboots in black

earrings: Sue Stonebender‘s Diamond Stud Earrings (free in noobie box)
bracelet: Kotolier Moon Drop Bracelet (part of set)
necklace: Mezzo Square Long Necklace in Gold (old lucky board gift)
watch: Bandit Oyster DayDate Men’s Size Platinum watch
ring: paper.couture Diamond and Rose Boquet Ring
bag: Last Ride Bird Bag in Red

poses by {flowey}

9 Responses to “hybrid’s blogger challenge.”

  1. fine. Says:

    Um, you’re gorgeous.

  2. iheartblog Says:

    i said it on your Flickr but had to comment here to
    i love love love this look ur clothes look amazing on your fuller figure erhh even though im taking a lil while off sl this week this is making me want to log in and do the challenge <33333333

    hugs ur curves and poofs


    love vanity

  3. Brutus Martinek Says:

    awww cutes <3

  4. Colleen Says:

    This is by far the best one I have seen…thanks for not falling into the jeans and shirt trap.

  5. 'Kota Buck Says:

    So stylish and flattering!

  6. Petitelittlegirl Pinklady Says:

    awwww you win and get my vote – so cute and you dressed the heavy body exactly like Clinton and Stacey would on “What Not To Wear” – embrace your curves ….

  7. moddishh gossipgirl Says:

    this look is great :)

  8. Abra Exonar Says:

    Thank you sooooo much everyone <33333333333333333333!!!!

    I really hope that everyone gets to try the challenge if they haven't yet. It was very fun and inspiring! xoxo

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