sweet augustine. + chapeau tres mignon.

September 5, 2009

Hi all! Tyr Rozenblum of Tyranny Designs just released the Sweet Augustine skin line and I must say it is incredibly sweet! The line comes in 7 skin tones and 22 different makeups (!!), with the range being split into two fatpacks of 11. The makeups themselves run from very soft and demure naturals to bright colors to graphic and wild makeups that I’ve yet to see the likes of anywhere else! Tyr took a chance by making such daring makeups and I think she really succeeded at filling a missing element in skin design. I could see these makeups on rp cyber and fantasy people as easily as I could see them on your everyday stylish person. Here I am wearing tone #3.2.

Megg Demina of Chapeau tres Mignon made a super cute collection of wool pompom hats, which make perfect headwear for the changing of the seasons. I love these hats hard. There are 10 to the collection, from white to blue to purple to tartan, and my favorite is the crazy colored ‘multifun’. Chapeau is forever rewriting the rules for SL fashion and Megg makes even the most bizarre attire completely accessible and, most importantly, wearable to even the most reserved of styles. Nothing is off limits and quite everything goes. I really, really do love that about both of these releases. Pushing out those stubbornly planted edges of fashion. It’s the best of things that can do that. xo, Abra

details & more pictures below.



[top photos]
hat: Chapeau tres Mignon Wool PomPom Hat in Multifun
hair: Another Level Aphro
skin: Tyrrany Designs Sweet Augustine 3.2 in Geisha
tattoo arms: Aitui Vintage Hawaii
tattoo leg: Aitui A Snake and a Dagger

dress: Viva la Glam Clingy Satin Dress in Emerald
brooch: LaGyo Circus Juggler’s Balls Brooch

shoes: Italiano Bootie Boots (newly released from one of my favorite new shoe lines, color change and hot!)

bag: [ glow ] studio Vintage Clutch (limited edition from the Designer’s United Event)

[skin photos]
skin: Tyrrany Designs Sweet Augustine 3.2 in all makeups
hair: Another Level Aphro
shirt: fri. Capsleeve Tee in White
tattoo: Aitui Heart
*accessories listed from Top to Bottom, L to R
Le Calmante Tear and Rose
LaGyo Circus Collecion Pierrot Tears
House of Curios Yummy Earrings
BP* Lashes of Toy (old group gift)
Creamshop Toon Heart Earrings
Alexitimia Tattoo It Is Time To Awake My Little Demon
Cumu Flower Eyebrow Accessories in Mix (no longer available)
Royal Blue Ruff Stuff Collar
Zaara Bindi in Purple (free)
Creamshop Thunder Earrings
LaGyo Mixed Chains in Blue
LaGyo Be Careful Necklace in Gold

*CURRENTLY: Eating fresh figs and passion fruit yogurt for a late lunch (almost dinner, really) and talking to J.

*SL WISHLIST: For someone to please make some of these shoes listed here at Sea of Shoes. Namely the Haider, Dolce, Kenzo, CDG, Chloe, YSL and Zucca, in that order, please and thank you very much!!!

8 Responses to “sweet augustine. + chapeau tres mignon.”

  1. Beni Says:

    cute <33

  2. Cayce Newell Says:

    Thanks for sharing this look! Hair and skins are absolutely delicious and a must have :D

  3. linkademina Says:

    pic with rose in your mouth is CUUUTEST !:)

  4. Abra Exonar Says:

    Beni thank you <3333

    Cayce, yvw! The hair is great isn't it? Fros = <3 and the skins are so great. I hope you get to check them out! <333

    Linka, thank you so much! <3333

  5. CassieLeighton GossipGirl Says:

    I absolutely love that hair, but can’t seem to find the slurl :( Do you have it???

  6. […] nice things in this look, starting with Tyranny Designs upcoming skin release. If you remember, I reviewed Sweet Augustine this summer and this upcoming skin release is a spring board from Augustine’s cute features. […]

  7. CassieLeighton GossipGirl Says:


  8. Abra Exonar Says:

    Cassie, sorry this took so long!! I somehow missed your comment.

    Here is the SLurl! http://slurl.com/secondlife/Fruitatious/70/167/35

    hope that helps <333Abra

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