September 4, 2009

!Lei! is a brand new skin shop at Dirty Cute and I’m so pleased to be able to debut this line for you!! !Lei!’s skins are so sooo beautiful, as you can very well see. The features are young, soft and hand-drawn. What really gets me excited are the makeups!! Ohhhhhh the makeups!! Right now there are 10 different makeups available, in one skin tone, ranging from very natural to quite dramatic, and each skin comes with 2 to 3 different options that differ with each skin. Some of them come with freckles/no-freckles, others with light/dark brows, and even others with lighter/heavier makeup. I like the freedom of having multiple choices that are individual to each makeup, since depending on what type of makeup it is, it’d make sense for some to have freckles and some to have different brows, etc. Another feather I love are !Lei!’s breasts, click here for preview. They’re so soft looking and so real. No heavily sculpted shading or harsh lines. They are what breasts really look like! Perfect for us that pay attention to the details or take nude shots. !Lei! also offers some really beautiful and different looking shapes. If you are in need of a good shape, but want some individualism, look no further. I’m really smitten about this line and I look forward to seeing more awesome makeups and skin tones in the future. (There’s a darker skin tone in the works as I type this!) xo, Abra

ps. I ❤ new DP**yumyum hair, Drop hair and Tiny Bird Hair!!! Super cute!!!



Top Photo, Hair: Barber YumYum #16 in Black ; Skin: !Lei! CrayonII ; Tank: !Lei! Sheer (get it here @ Dirty Cute); Necklace: Shade Throne Beads Beads Beads in City

Set #1, Left: Skin: !LEI! Chalk; Hair: Barber YumYum #17 in Black // Right: Skin: !LEI! Crayon; Hair: Barber YumYum #18 in Black

Set #2, Left: Skin: !LEI! Sprinkle II; Hair: Junwave Nachi in Black // Right: Skin: !LEI! Love Heart II; Hair: Drop Hair #6 in color R (comes w/sweets)

Set #3, Left: Skin: !LEI! Splat II, Hair: Barber YumYum (DP**yumyum) #16 in Black, Tattoo: Smudge Crazy Cat Lady, Tank: DP**yumyum Simple Tank in Black (comes in a 2pk. w/a white one) // Right: Skin: !LEI! Smudge II; Hair: Drop Hair #5 in color R (comes w/flower)

Set #4, Left: Skin: !LEI! Doodle; Hair: Barber YumYum #19 in Black // Right: Skin: !LEI! Sketch II; Hair: Barber YumYum #20 in Black // Barber YumYum Ribbon Accessories in Black (group gift!)

Set #5, Left: Skin: !LEI! Inky; Hair: Wot? #18 in Blacks (hair and tentacles change 3 colors, individually; only @ the black market) // Right: Skin: !LEI! Squiggle II, Hair: Tiny Bird Love Song in Brownie (short version), Necklace: Shade Throne Beads Beads Beads Necklace in City

Poses by me, {flowey}; (in breast preview photo) Shorts: Tres Blah Starlust Motel freebie; Shoes: Sanu Cuppie Ballet Flats in Teal (new!)

*CURRENTLY: Setting up my Google reader…I am in love…Thank you Esme!!!

*SL WISHLIST: Point Ballet shoes!!! Ok, ok, I have mentioned this like, 4 times on here before but I was having a convo with some super sweet girls yesterday and one of them brought it up. They NEED to be made! Please? <3

3 Responses to “lei.”

  1. Uma Ceawlin Says:

    Awww so cute you, wish I could ‘add notes’. Eye make ups really good aswell, though I prefer the more natural ones, first and second pic really caught my eye!
    Loving toraji’s hairs on you aswell <3
    *hugs from across the worlds and stuffs*

  2. Sileny Says:

    You are so pretty I could eat you on toast!

  3. Abra Exonar Says:

    Umaaaaz <33333 Thank you so much! Omg….you have to try these skins. I can already picture how adorable you will look in them. The bold makeups are super fun and the naturals really are wearable. xoxoxo

    Sileny, awww don eat mehhh! lolll!!! omg…thank you so much! *blushes* that was really sweet of you <3333

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