summer’s ghost.

September 1, 2009

Where I am from, Autumn is like summer’s ghost. Rich in color that fades away, cold that creeps in slowly but surprisingly, everyone forgoes wearing jackets for as long as they can, but it honestly can get uncomfortable with the unpredictable weather. Seeing as it’s September 1st, and seeing as darling Uma has inspired me, I decided to post my first look that hints at autumn’s coming. In this month the days will grow shorter, my warmer clothes will come out of the closet in both worlds, and this blog will turn a year old. (!!!) My, my, how time flies.

LaGyo is releasing her new fall/winter 2009 collection today and it’s fantastic. I love everything, especially the jewelry that is made with safety pins (!!). It’s subtly punk and way glamourous as we have come to expect from her line. Anexx, the luxury footwear line from AOHARU‘s machang Pichot, has been much talked about since it’s first release. I’ve had these shoes in my brain for a while now, but no post! Well, I cannot be rushed, but it doesn’t tarnish these shoes in any way. They are fantastic. My dress is from MONOCHRO MONOCHRO, whose previous name was $S$, to avoid any confusion. It’s really a simple dress, a vehicle for all the other fabulous things I am wearing, but I have to say, there’s something so special about buttons that run the length of a dress. Even when I see it a million times, I still love it so. Time to go get myself some more apple cider. *cheers* xo, Abra


hair feathers: ::SPLIT PEA:: A place where nobody dared to go (edited off the headband)
hair: Junwave Emmy Type B in Black
skin: Tuli Hope in Ivory pris (group gift)
eye jewels: Cumu anti-eyebrow piercing in black (no longer available :(( )

dress: MONOCHRO MONOCHRO (aka. $S$) ~Knit Dress~
belt: fri. Wide Waist Belt in Gold
shoes: ANEXX Leather Gladiator Heels in Black

gloves: .:*Wave.:* glove fingercut in Black&black
ring 1: LaGyo Lucifer ring shining stones in Ruby Root
ring 2: LaGyo Be Careful Ring in Gold
bag: LaGyo Overall classic ostrich

poses: mine, Oyakin

2 Responses to “summer’s ghost.”

  1. Castries Says:

    I love this look! Simple but fantastic!

  2. Abra Exonar Says:

    Castries thank you so much! Tuli’s skin was such an inspiration for this dramatic, simple look. It goes to show that a few bold accessories are really all you need! <333

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