the mother road.

August 28, 2009

My friend Renn Luik of Garage R.H. has made a vintage diner setting named The Mother Road. An ode to Route 66 and a kick back in old Americana, TMR is my favorite new place to take photos. I especially love the vintage inspired signage that you just don’t see enough of these days. Go take a look, grab a coffee, light a smoke and play some pinball. There are some souvenir shirts for sale in the diner and a cool bike shop down the street, which is in the works. xo, Abra


hair: Tiny Bird I hate camera in Nutmeg ($50L Friday item, get it today!)
hair flowers: *G Field* Rose Hairpin Suede in Wine // Artilleri Rose Hair flower in Orange
skin: League Misty Pale Deep Smoke in Blonde
nails: MAI gift nails in red (in store gift)
tattoo: Smudge Crazy Cat Lady ($50L Friday item, get it today!)

shirt + bandana: Garage R.H. The Mother Road Shirt (buy @ T.M.R. Diner)
shorts: Artilleri Johanna Highwaist shorts in Dark Blue
belt: Wide Waist Belt in Spice

shoes: Weird Monkey Designs Comic Chucks by Juwan Lane

keychains: Garage R.H. Keyholder & 8Ball Keyholder (past group gift and current in store gift)
bracelets: Garage R.H. Leather Bracelet
smoke: Gentleman Pink Monkey

Hot Cocoa by [ HUG ]

5 Responses to “the mother road.”

  1. luxeurious Says:

    hey nice post Abra! I’ll be visiting the diner later later tonight :D

  2. LOVE this, it is such a great idea and the pictures are inspired… you have given me a huge urge to run somewhere and order a cup of joe. And you have made me sad that there will be no smiley face attached!

  3. Renn Luik Says:


    Thank you for report my “THE MOTHER ROAD”.

    Nexttime,I’ll ready some drinks.
    Our food is always out! hahaha

  4. Anemysk Karu Says:

    I <3 those photos Abra!

  5. Abra Exonar Says:

    Luxe, did you make it there?! I hope so. I love it!!! <33

    Jenopolis…aww thank you so much!!! Yeah this diner is such a great setting to take pictures or just hang out. I like the darts game lol. And if you want smiley coffee it's from [HUG]! <33

    Renn, hey buddy!!!! You are the best host. hehe<33

    Anemysk, thank you so much <33

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