the black market & hodgepodge.

August 23, 2009

Two rockin’, brand new places to shop. Today the Black Market opens their pirate themed extravaganza. Exclusive items are there and more are to come, with new items every few weeks. Yesterday Hodgepodge opened, and if you go there you’ll find some great opening gifts set out around the sim.

Also, Cybernetics is having a $1L sale on all their skins. All. xo, Abra

details below.


hair: !Ohmai Soah in Sushi (free at the Black Market)
skin: !Tarnished Alli in Abra Kadabra in pale
eyes: Modd.G Storybook Eyes in Evergreen Innocence

shirt: Beetlebones Robin in Dark Mistress
bra: Fishy Strawberry Lingerie in Laundry Day Dark (in store gift)
pants: !Ohmai Sparrow Rendezvous in Darkdepths

eyepatch: Fade Dana Maus Eyepatch
necklace: Deco Triple Strand Skull Necklace
smoke: Gentleman Cigarette in BigAsh V.2

pose: Kuso

hair: [OH] oh my love in black
skin: !Tarnished Underwater Forest in pale

top: Pididdle Gardens and Gauze (Hodgepodge gift & it’s gorgeous)

earrings: Deco Mannequin earrings

pose: kuso

2 Responses to “the black market & hodgepodge.”

  1. December Says:

    YAAAAY!!!! I gotta get that gardens and gauze top!!! *does the grabby hands thing*

  2. Abra Exonar Says:

    omg it is sooo beautiful isn’t it? <3333333

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