August 22, 2009

[ HUG ] is one of those great shops a person finds on random. I came across it while randomly sim hopping in July, then promptly went on vacation before I could tell you about it. The concept of the store is great. A big, floating cardboard box is the main floor, with two drobak* houses floating above as the second story. Right now, there are a limited amount of items for sale, but all are well made and super charming. The Bubble Laundry is my favorite new alternative to a kiddie pool, it comes with three poses, a color change innertube and a flurry of big, shiny bubbles which can be turned on/off when you click the water. It is sculpted perfection. The Nostalgic Set consists of 4 chairs, 1 table, 6 trays of varying sizes, 2 glasses of water and the cutest apple bowl. All items are copy and the whole set is only $160L. (Yeah, I know.) The Hot Chocolate comes by itself, and in three different versions. I especially like the one that releases steam smiley faces. The Pastel Candles are an in store gift, just click the black sign which offers you many things. You can also get a good windlight setting, too. The [ HUG ] box is just the candle’s packaging, but I collect cute boxes so it’s a keeper. On the main floor there is a preview book of skins to come, and they look gorgeous. I’m really looking forward to their release, although I’m not sure when that will be. Hopefully soon! As of now, they are still being worked on so we must be patient. When the release comes you will certainly here it here! xo, Abra

ps. Check out this build. It’s so pretty it makes my eyes water.

details + more pictures below.

[ HUG ] Bubble Laundry’s 3 poses.

all furniture + food: [ HUG ] (blog.)
hair: Tiny Bird Kissy Kissy in Ginger (from $50L Fridays, are you hip?)
skin: Curio April Moonbeam Dark Jonquil 1
bikini: En Svale Cross Back Bikini in C
shorts: Tres Blah Starlust Motel Shorts
shoes: [0N] Zero Number flip flops in Red (gift from Drowsy Summer Horror Festival)

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