August 21, 2009

The long awaited Eloh Starlight skins are out and I’m so stoked about them! I’m sure that anyone who reads this blog is familiar with Eloh and her Mother Teresa-like ways.* I myself have been eagerly following Eloh’s creation process on flickr, these many months, and have been getting more and more excited as I saw these skins develop. As you can see from Eloh’s documentation, a lot of thoughtful care has been put into each aspect of the creation process and it really shows. For me, this release has been nothing but the climax of the journey and I’m so in awe of how beautiful the collection is. I love their creamy, glowing texture, dimpled mouths and soft features. They come in 5 skin tones: Phaola, Polyxo, Eudora, Ambrosia, Koronis and each skin has two nose and eye options. The three mid-tones also have options for freckles and brow color. Eloh really outdid herself this time!

Now what comes next, and what I am so curious about, is how people will continue the creation process with Eloh’s so generously given Starlight resource files. I’m dreaming of creative makeups, cheeky colors and feature modifications. ;D

I’ve showcased the five tones. My combination pick? Eye A + nose A. My overall favorite, the incredibly etherial milkiness of Phaola! xo, Abra

*For those of you who may be new, or who live under a rock (we all do sometimes), Eloh is best known for giving away her amazing skins for free. She gives them as both ready-to-wear inventory items as well as out-of-world files which one can modify to their own liking. (Just remember to credit!) With this generosity, Eloh has been a pioneer in teaching people how skins are made and encouraging people to learn how to make- and even sell- their own. I’m sure all of us have an Eloh skin- or Eloh mod- in our inventory, and many of us have learned from her resource files. She’s completely changed SL for the better, in that way. Thank you Eloh!

details and where to find Starlight, below.

all skins: Eloh. [blog + in world parcel.]

hair: Shag
tanks: Maitreya

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