bad habits.

August 20, 2009

I ❤ the new Atomic sim. Grace is my face of the moment. I thought Hope was good, I thought Faith rocked, but Grace- oh Grace- is the one I am in love with. I love the slight asian look of the face, (which, I might add, has been all the rage this summer) and her matte (!!) lips. I only hope Ivy comes out with more makeups in this face. The display case is begging to have it’s vendors filled…xo, Abra

hair: Mirone Irina in Walnut
skin: Atomic Grace in Porcelain/Daring Red (((❤ it!)))
mechanical arms: AVZ Prosthetic Arms

dress: Plastik Boudoir in Mauve (I went for the eye sale and ended up getting this dress. Comes in a million colors and Uma was right about how sexy it is.)
shoes: Maitreya Gold in Shanti Eggplant

bag: (Polina-Kaestner) Vintage Petit sac Noir
smoke: Gentleman in Pink Monkey V.2

poses: [ glow ] studio (they’re sooo good!)

*CURRENTLY: Wishing and praying my browser fixes itself so I can get on with picture taking! Oh, and I don’t know what’s with the grainy appearance but, ughhh…that too must be fixed.

*SL WISHLIST: Feather Ice Cream!

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