Turtle Soup

August 19, 2009

No! Turtles are out friends…that was a bad joke. I caught up on CSR….and 2nd on the list was Skipping Stones, which I did finish tonight. \\o// Thanks to the all the Skippers who helped me when I was stumped. I don’t usually put together looks related to events, but I’m trying to lately. Might as well celebrate the times, right? So most of the things in my outfit are from the hunt, and the rest are/should be staples in your wardrobe. I love these Epoque glasses. I love El’n‘s turtles! And I love Wot?…ok I love it all. Blubber, blubber, blah. xo, Abra

ps. I’m working on some posts over at !Skin Love!, so check there soon for some newness. :))

details below…

– – –

hair: Wot? Hair 016 (Skipping Stones hunt)
skin: L’ORING/LAZOLLI Yokuba 3A (Skipping Stones hunt)
henna: Yak & Yeti Henna Tattoo 1 (from the late, great, Tibetan-inspired freebie shop…I think there is a small one still open somewhere.)
tattoos: Woodland Winds Spring Vines in Grey

shirt: Sari’s Seasons Turning Tunic (Skipping Stones hunt)
pants: BALACLAVA!! sandypants (Skipping Stones hunt)
socks: (part of) Acid & Mala Creations Red Tartan Minidress (Skipping Stones hunt)
shoes: [0N] Zero Number petanko cross in blood

glasses: (epoque) Double-Bridge Logo Frames (Skipping Stones hunt)
pipe: El’n Piping Pyp w/Leaves
turtles: El’n Tortles

pose: chicada by nilGiha (for Designers United Event only, and they are so good, go.)

*CURRENTLY: Next on my list is the great Starlust Panty Raid. I’m so stoked to do this. I dunno why panties get me so excited, or what that says about me, but I am. Also, cheers to saying the world panties freely, that sentiment goes out to an ex of mine who had a problem with the word…what a lamer…


6 Responses to “Turtle Soup”

  1. fluttermemel Says:

    so you <3 and ohh I want to hunt on panties too :D

  2. abraaaa <3 take me when u hunt for panties XD muacks <3 I love this lookie hehez
    /me stealies ur turtle <3

  3. Bebe Begonia Says:

    just a wonderful look thank you xD this hunt had some really great stuff!
    * i also have an ex with the (dreaded) panty word phobia O.o

  4. Abra Exonar Says:

    flutter <33 ty! lets go panty huntin'

    tomozzz<3 omg…come with me!!! =D

    Bebe, thank you hun! This was a fun/quirky outfit to make. and lol@the exes…what is it with that word?! xD <3

  5. nilgiha Says:

    :D great you blogged items from the SSH cos ı havent opened any “stone” yet :D

  6. Abra Exonar Says:

    Nil <3 omg, this was the first hunt I opened anything with! When I cleaned out my invo in Jan, I still had stuff from the Vain ghost hunt lol. I've turned over a new leaf…xD <3

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