August 18, 2009

There’s a new prefab shop on the market! I’m really excited about fable. and if the first release is any indication, this shop will be a definite go to for well-made, well-textured, charming homes. The first release is a small, one room skybox, perfect for those who are in need of a good studio, office or starter home. It’s small enough to fit on a 512 sq. m. plot, and low prim enough to furnish! When you click the ceiling, it brings up a scripted menu and you get to choose from 4 different texturing options: animals, morning, hello sun, goodnight. This is a totally adorable build and I’m looking forward to more releases from fable. xo, Abra

more pictures & where to buy, below

“Hello Sun”

Get it here: fable. animal crackers skybox on slexchange.com

3 Responses to “fable.”

  1. Aranel Says:

    Have it, love it, bought it for some friends!

  2. Abra Exonar Says:

    GG <3 you need to check it out, it's awesome!

    Aranel \\o// <3

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