this time I’ll be bulletproof

July 29, 2009

Manatee McMillan of [twee] has just opened Narwhal today and I’m so excited about it! [twee] is one of those shops that makes über-cute, well-priced clothing and you can expect the same from her offerings at Narwhal. I’m wearing her lacy tank, but if you want more previews, check out what Uma and Lili did with the collection. I’ll certainly be mixing and matching these cutie pieces a million and one ways! Go visit her store now, and keep an eye out for new things to come every few weeks!

Also, I want to add in how much I love this dress by SD Boutique. They have some awesome pieces there and I can’t wait to show you more! <33Love, Abra


– – –

hair: !lamb. Unbirthday Redux in Granny (get it at Tableau…limited edition for Bubbles’ Botox Bonanza!)
crown: (Gypsy) Antler tiara in chocolaaate
skin: [Curio] Beach Osprey Moonbeam frex light (Harajuku Box skin fair limited ed…but there is a whole series at the mainstore!)
lashes: [ glow ] studio Rhapsody
tattoo: Aitui Sakura Night in faded (coming soon, to be released Aug 6th)
tank: Narwhal White Lace Stappy Top
dress: SD Boutique Rose Chiffon Dress (I LOVE THIS DRESS!!!!! *happy sigh*)
bag: (Polina-Kaestner) Vintage Petit sac in Noir
shoes: ~~Sakka’s Studio~~ Flat / Ribbon TC (sweet, adorable shoe shop, thanks for the reminder elka!)

gum: gumballs in cotton panties (coming eventually!)
poses: couverture

*CURRENTLY: The fan is on, the popsicles are in the freezer mah mouth, I have The Dead Weather playing (slightly ironic if you count the name…or maybe not, it’s dead hot here).

*SL WISHLIST: More poses for prim skirts…couverture‘s are fantastic and soo smart!

5 Responses to “this time I’ll be bulletproof”

  1. isanna Says:

    wow!!! i LOVE that dress!!! you put it together so beautifully!! i love how you used hair as a color to match with other items. well done!! <3

  2. Euni Kira Says:

    one word to describe this look… absolutely perfect (ok, that was two!). all the pieces are so in sync with eachother. love it!

  3. Love the dress, and love more how you styled it! Wow! :)

  4. December Says:

    I loooooooove this look! And the title <3

  5. Abra Exonar Says:

    thank you sooo much everyone!!! <3isanna <3euni <3jenopolis <3decemby I am humbled and flattered and *blushes* <3

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