ghost walker

July 29, 2009

I love it all, and info is below <333Abra

ps. Thanks to all my beloveds who made my rez day so special. Cheers to another great year.<333

details below…

– – –

hair: :MIRONE: IRINA chestnut (another amazing hairstyle from Miu…there are four all together and all are SO fantastic. One of my favorite hair places on the grid, for sure.)
headband: Miel OH LEAFY HEADBAND in eclipse
skin: Curio June Moonbeam frex light pure 3 (ghostly)
ring: Elate! Charcoal Rose ring (from RFL)
necklace: (yummy) Momento locket (it never, ever gets old…)
bikini + shirt: Twosome Frilly Summer Thing (something so simple and femme, done sooo well)
sweater: barbee. Jewel KARASU (messy, sexy, relaxed…I found mine at Albero’s summer fest)
pants: Sugarcube hakama pants in khaki (lovely new release from the dear Sayuri Cremorne, I love the washed out colors and soft fabric)
tattoo: Woodland Winds Spring Vines Grey (the first tattoo I bought in SL…yes, over a year ago now. I love nature inspired ink.)
shoes: J’s Real Toe Tassele Wedge Sole Sandals in BEIGE (original toes…I still love them.)
bag: Dollita (Krisha Ivanova’s new release. Check out this shop for some fantastic bags, clothes and other accessories.)
Poses: Persona, Kuso

*CURRENTLY: Packing, posting, doing chores, paying bills, because I’ll be gone from the 31st – 10th! Just in time to get back and do Choice (aka CSR), wewt. // My La Roux obsession continues…I need more songs from this duo…also, Cassetteplaya

*SL WISHLIST: more cowbell.

7 Responses to “ghost walker”

  1. flutterdabutter Says:

    you rock here girl! *faints*

  2. Abra Exonar Says:

    aww flutter, thank you!!! <333

  3. i’m going to have to check otu that hair. it looks great on you.

  4. Abra Exonar Says:

    thank you Clear! and omg…Mirone hairs are sooo good! if you haven’t already, do go check them out. they have this great ‘soft’, like baby hair, appearance that is really cool! :D <33

  5. krisha Ivanova Says:

    thx for blogging the bags hunnie :)

  6. That hair is uber cute!!! :o i go buy haha. very cute outfit & i loove the flower in your hair that matches the ring! <3 ^^

  7. Abra Exonar Says:

    Krisha, you’ve very welcome, it was my pleasure <333

    Cherrie, thank you so much!! And Mirone hair rocks. It's so natural and wearable and I like the softer colors in the line. I haven't seen a brown like this anywhere else and it's so beautiful! <33

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