it’s the light of day, that shows me how

July 25, 2009

A pattern-filled, wintery outfit for those experiencing winter in the Southern Hemi. Not for those faint of heart or shy of color. The rest of us can have some fun.

details below…

ps. Thanks for the shout out BPV, back at cha…

– – –

hair: Aitui Backfire in Auburn
eyebrow ring: Faux Posh Captive Bead Eyebrow Ring surgical steel
glasses: SteinWerk GT Sunglasses
shirt: Fishy Strawberry Purple Stripey McGee Sweater
shawl: Sensual Mistery Kevin Shawl Scarf in Grid Black
pants: Meriken Co. Check Pants G*B
shoes: Wirefly Leather Sneaker hot pink
gloves: Cynful Gloves Kiss Black
ring: Baker’s Skull Ring
poses: IMAGEN + Modd G.

*CURRENTLY: Farmer’s market goat cheese bruschetta + the first of summer’s true peaches.

*SL WISHLIST: I’d love to find a sculpted, hand-carved, wooden crow’s mask, just like the one I have irl.

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