we don’t know the rules, or how many played

July 23, 2009

I love this look. It’s simple and feminine and it perfectly encompasses summer for me. Breezy, softly flowing fabrics, soft colors, good textures… This look is completely modest, but also very sexy. I love when that happens. <33Love, Abra

ps. Skyhawke Sodwind & Sophia Harlow create some beautiful portraits. If you’re looking for a good photographic team, look no further. I was lucky enough to get a sitting with them, and here is the final result. Check their website for more details.

details below…

– – –

hair: BP* First Date in coffee/blue velvet bows
LAQ April (brown brows)
Aitui Firefish
arm bands:
Zaara Nizam armbands in white
Shade Throne the olympia bracelet in gold
short necklace:
(yummy) momento locket
long necklace:
(luc) heartwood necklace in gold
tunic + skirt:
Cover Girl Vanessa in blue
J’s Flip-flap and bare foot in white

*CURRENTLY: pasta salad, fresh laundry, iced tea and big, big sunglasses

*SL WISHLIST: All the coming things from Choice and Black Swan’s Swansong event!!

4 Responses to “we don’t know the rules, or how many played”

  1. luxeurious Says:

    this is so cute abra! <3 loveit

  2. always pretty abra <3

  3. […] See original here:  we don’t know the rules, or how many played […]

  4. Abra Exonar Says:

    Luxe thank you hun <333333

    Newreem, you too, always ;D <33333333

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