now that is a very sensitive subject, Henry

July 17, 2009

Hi all! Another simple outfit with all the things I’m loving atm…and no, I couldn’t change my socks and shoes. I am in love, OK? ;P

Everyone’s going fishy for strawberries, me included! I love this dress and it’s been a big hit amongst the blogger gang. For good reason, it’s sexy, cute, summery and layerable! Very well executed Fae! You can pick up your own in white (or black!) at Fishy Strawberry!

Nylon Outfitters just released some new skins and they are rockin’! 4 tones x 12 makeups + tintable brows = a whole lot of lovin’! The facial features are very similar to the last (NO) skin release, but the shading is more dramatic and, I think, summery. Like you spent a lot of time out in the sun. I’ve really grown to love the shading and it’s a new fav for sure! Another big perk is Nylon isn’t afraid to use bold makeup on her skins, which is SO refreshing! I was lame in the fact that I chose to wear the ‘plain’ skin in this post…but it’s so durn pretty that I had to. But you gotta check out the bolder shades as well, think bindis, graphically bright eye makeups, bold lips….yum. I did a little comparison below, of the latest and previous release, so we can see the evolution of the face. =D Take a look! <33Love, Abra

Read on…

Top = Current Release; Bottom = Previous Release…

Notice how the features are very similar, but the new release has this cool, summery shading. Even though I am very pale here, it’s true, it looks like I’ve been out in the sun a bunch! Not since MinaJunk‘s sunburn skin, have I been so enthralled by a seasonal, summer tone. And oh…I am!!!

– – –

hair: !Lamb Babys on Fire in butterfinger
hair feathers: [mixx] feather hair exte_01 (I love these!!!!!)
skin: Nylon Outfitters Pale Teeth Gap in Plain
tattoo: Alexitimia Voodoo Monster Heart
tank: Surf Couture Racerback Striped Tank in Red/Light Blue
dress: Fishy Strawberry Pivano Dress in White
rings: Shade Throne Dia de los muertos // Baker’s Skull
nails: Skin e Liciouz french glitter
socks: Sh*t Happens tube socks in teal
shoes: Urban Bomb Unit PornStar Lo-tops
bag: Lotta Straw Tote Bag in (rd)

::pic two & three::
top: Nylon Outfitters Pale Teeth Gap in Plain (current release)
Nylon Outfitters Raw in Plain (previous release)

*CURRENTLY: The newly released Harry Potter movie, of course!!!!

*SL WISHLIST: More well designed, well made tattoos, please!!!!

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