I just act like I want it

July 14, 2009



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Hi all, I just got home from Sin City and am feeling frisky and tired. A peculiar combination, indeed. Avalon is best known for it’s RP, but I came across Avalon skins and fell in love with the Wendy and Beatrice faces! Each come in 4 tones to a pack and the makeup is very natural. The glow of the skin rivals LAQ and Redgrave and it’s so refreshing to find some lesser known faces to wear…well, for the time being, as I’m sure they will certainly be ‘known’ soon. Back in my noobie days, I’d hit up the medieval rp sims a lot, so Avalon was familiar to me. Needless to say, I was surprised and quite delighted to find out Vilem Beaumont makes the most gorgeous skins! His shop also carries fantasy and male skins as well, so be sure to check out this great under the radar shop.

I finally hit up Emery‘s new releases and I love the asymmetrical suspenders. The basic tanks are also essential to have, both the women’s and men’s styles. (I love the strapping on the men’s ones.) I love the diamond shaped bag as well, although it’s not pictured here I’m sure you’ve seen it all over the feeds- and for good reason! Oh oh, and the zippered jeans, which I’m wearing out of the picture’s view.

Dooze of Shade Throne just made these awesome Victory necklaces and she’ll be releasing them soon. I love their wide, bib like shape, minus the usual ‘soft, fabric-like’ materials usually associated with the bib style. It’s totally unique and wearable with just about anything, as most statement pieces are. She’ll also be releasing these kick ass heart bamboo earrings as well, the texturing is amazing. Srsly, Undo is queen when it comes to accessories. I wanna lick these earrings.

My fedora was a gift from Doozer and you can get your own from Corbett Howard on XStreet. (link in credits) The hats are really well done and come in a bunch of colors, are mod and also trans! Score! Undo modded mine to have a card on the side, and I can see a person slipping in a feather, a piece of straw, a ciggie, fruit on the brim, animals on the top…anything…

And I can’t resist these FU sneakers from C.D. Perfect for shit kicking and getting the point across. *winks. Glad to be back, Love yaaaz <33Abra

ps. There’s a free, non-profane pair of kicks at the sneaker place as well. Score.

– – –


hat: Corbett Howard‘s Lowrider Fedora (on XStreet)
hair: Detour Bob IV in black (best hat hair ever, sayz the Dooze)
skin: Avalon Skins Beatrice in light tan
tank: Emery Tank Top in Pure
necklace: Shade Throne The Victory Necklace in Natural
tattoos: Garden of Ku KoiKoi V2
suspenders: Emery suspender (hot)

hair: LeLutka Jaqueline in Coffee Brown (love this!!)
skin: Avalon Skins Wendy in Light Tan
tank: Emery Tank men in Carrot
earrings: Shade Throne Heart Bamboo in pale gold
tattoos: Garden of Ku Al-Uzza

shoes: C.D. Fuck You shoes
jeans: Emery Denim Zip
socks: Dare Lace Stockings in Blacky

*CURRENTLY: Las Vegas heat…first time there, I love the city, the hustled pace, the drinking on the streets, the smoking…everywhere, the slums, the luxury, the 24/7 events…

*SL WISH LIST: more rings like these on SL. I love rings! I know for a lot of people they seem pointless, but I must disagree. To me they are essential!

7 Responses to “I just act like I want it”

  1. woot!
    those shoes are…awesome lol

  2. Abra Exonar Says:

    XD Thanks Newreem dearie!!!

  3. zeeblebob Says:

    Love the shoes but i can’t find them anywhere… either i’m blind or dumb or both :D

  4. Lili B. Says:

    That skin is great on you, you should wear it all the time! I love your eyes like this. :D

  5. […] For those of you that had trouble finding the FU sneakers from the last post, I finally located the place I purchased them at, and the SLurl is […]

  6. Abra Exonar Says:

    Zeeblebob, here’s the SLurl:http://slurl.com/secondlife/RedStar/183/197/31
    and no you are not blind or dumb, it took me a while to relocate where I had purchased them! Good luck & good shopping :)) <3

    Lili, thanks love!!! I really like Beatrice a lot. A lot, a lot!! <333A

  7. zeeblebob Says:


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