Inspired by Eastern European Peasant/Gypsy Field Worker….modern and traditional

July 8, 2009

Hi all! Ok this post is for Doozer of Shade Throne, who suggested I post this look. Thanks Dooze, for the inspiration! A lot of great things are in my inventory, and the most frustrating thing about having them, is I cannot find them!!! This was the case for my skirt and top in this look. I bought them back in October and promptly lost them. I’d think about them on occasion and search and search…finally, yesterday, I found them! WIN! I also found a furniture set I thought was ‘eaten’ by the system. Score! I dunno what it was about yesterday, but I’m loving it!

The top/belt/skirt set is from Minority, this cute shop that specializes in folk outfits of the asian continent. I remember being so excited when I came across this shop, because I am completely passionate about folk wear irl and I thought, “finally!” when I found this ethnic clothes shop. In the tradtional look, I really went all out ethnic, whereas the modern look is what I’d wear irl!!! In fact, quite often I’ll make a paring of a bold ethnic piece with other, simpler basics to make a street-ready, urban, worldly look that is my style. You can certainly do this in world as well!

Domestic V had a special deal today, for a few hours the new Moon Spirit Skin was only 50L. I really appreciate the realism that DomV skins provide in sl. As Lili mentioned, they’re not Barbie perfect. They have a little bit of chappy lips, rougher textured skin and lots of freckles. I know how this sounds…not so hot, but honestly, I think the down-to-earthness of this skin makes it incredibly sexy. There are a a few more new skins out, all are 100L and are quite desirable in my eyes.

Ohhh, and just as you’ve seen on the feeds, Bare Rose‘s new bag rocks! go go go get.

On the home front, I had to gush about this amazing skybox I stumbled upon while on one of my random tp sprees. It’s from Xeniversity and the place is big so here’s the direct tp! The lighting, the tall ceilings, the textures, the sculpted ceiling pipes…ohhhh, make this skybox very special!!! I love it! If I get the inclination to redo house again, this will be at the top of my list!

I’m picking when it comes to prefabs, they have to be *just right.* I do like this one, ‘the hermit’ from Hydro. It’s so cozy, you just may become a hermit yourself, haha. Just joking. It’s cute, quaint, and light-filled, and you’re friends will be begging to come over and chill.

Also, check out these amazing freebie trees from PSYCHOSOMATIC REBUILDERS! I was so excited to come across them, with their unique, cartoony, whimsical shapes and low primmage…they’re irresistible! Ok, I may get one more post in before I go on another mini trip until Sunday! So stay tuned! :D <333Love, Abra

ps. This look, this modern look, is probably closest to my rl style as ever and prob my fav outfit if I had to pick!

*cute little cut…look below for details…

– – –

hair: (P-K) Gemma bun in Brun (rip. this store + avi ;-;)
hair accessory + bracelet: LaGyo Circus collection (new and fantastic!!!)
skin: Domestic V Mairmalade- Dark Star Skin-2009
earrings: T.Z. Egg Hoop Trio Earrings in Pink (the fab Lili blogged these)
scarf: THEDOGS shortditch in black (to remind you, I love this line, go go go)
nails: skin e licious red golden stars (fav nails ever)
tank: Garage RH camisole in Olive
belt/skirt: Minority
race09 (outfit)
shoes: House of Curiosities Sneaker Wedges (um, 30L and color change and perfect sculpts? um YES!)
bag: Bare Rose Crescent in yellow (3 attachment points, high details, so well made, lots of colors….go get @ couture section!)
poses: Imagen

hair: Love Kitty Spring in dark brown
hair decorations:
fashionably dead in puddy tat
Domestic V Mairmalade- Moon Spirit Skin-2009
Atomic voodoo hoodoo bone necklace
SiniStyle faded black nails
Minority race09 (outfit)
Dare Lace Stockings in mossygreeny (best lace socks in SL…thanks so much Chance!)
Pixel Mode Cloggers in tan (old group gift)
bundle of sticks:
AM RADIO sticks(free; thanks to AM for sending it over, and Em for suggesting to IM him in the first place as I couldn’t find it in invo or at the sims.)
bag of herbs:
Little Heaven (part of herb hunter outfit)

*CURRENTLY: shopping with Doozer and Lili, hitting up Esme for lms (girl is an angel!)

*SL WISHLIST: I want to buy some well made nipple rings soon…for a photo idea.

6 Responses to “Inspired by Eastern European Peasant/Gypsy Field Worker….modern and traditional”

  1. awwww love that skirt!
    lovely and very creative ;)

  2. Chance Says:

    <3 aww thank you! ;DD love the mixing up!

  3. empirerecords Says:

    I love the mixing up, too. You really know how to match up your patterns well! I’m a huge, huge fan of the free-spirited, folk look. Especially when it involves bright colors like you’ve included. Very cute skin too.

  4. I love this post alot! Its different and refreshing. ^^ yay tribal-ish outfits! <33

  5. Abra Exonar Says:

    Newreem, thanks so much! Minority does patterns right!! <333

    Chance, yvw hun <333 *stirs the mixing pot* xD

    Empire, thanks so much! I'm not usually a pattern girl, but I love graphic prints and lots of colors. Yes, free spirited folk is <333 for me too! Dom V makes great, affordable skins, mmhmm! Check them out and thanks hun!!

    Tomoyo <333 thanks love!!

  6. Azalea Magic Says:

    Hey =D Love your blog! Is there anyway you could tell me how I could find that scarf? I freakin’ love it! Thankies! =D

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