swooshhh, there runs the punk arse bride…

July 7, 2009

Hi I’m back from my mini-trip and feeling good. Here’s a little tipple of an outfit that I wore to LaGyo‘s Circus Collection launch party tonight (plus and minus a few things, due to deprimming). It’s a funky little outfit I call my own. Almost not circus-y, unless a punk ass runaway bride could make the show. About the collection: I’m deeply in love with Gyorgyna’s new collection. It’ not freakish or bright like a carnival, but deeply rich and glamourous and detailed like, say, a Cirque du Soleil performance. Dripping jeweled necklaces, embellished bangles, oversized earrings, lots of metal and precious stones and eye decorations! I am a very happy woman! 

My skin is LAQ‘s new release, Claudia, a face that I just covet, though it’s release hasn’t gotten as much coverage as April. If April is the softly glamourous, ethereally delicate one, then Claudia is her refined, lushly exotic first cousin. Glowy-soft and so pretty in the style that could only be LAQ, Claudia is radiant with plush lips, dark brows and lightly tanned skin. I think her features would serve well in a fairer shade as well, with lighter brows…but this may just be a preference of mine since I am usually more ‘milky.’ The dark tone only makes me want to indulge in this face more- all summer long. 

This kickin’ hairdo is by Undo of Shade Throne, and is one of 4 hair styles she is releasing today. All 4 styles come in 4 staple colors: dark platinum blond, blood red, chestnut brown and inky black. Just like Undo’s whole line, her new hairs exude glamour and attitude, two essentials of fashion. The concept behind the styles is ‘wet hair,’ as if you got out of the shower, pool or ocean- this can easily be translated into a good night’s bed-head or sexy tousled locks. Grab one or, if you’re smart, all of them. imho, they’re that good. <333Love, Abra

((details after cut, snip, cut.))

– – –

hair + ring:
Shade Throne my fourth hairstyle in red // dia de los muertos (nfs.)
!*G^G*! hat_wedding 02 (it’s lovely)
LAQ Claudia (I’m a smitten kitten)
* MaTsUsHi * Bloody (mad cool eyes and mod and affordable!)
wrapped shirt/mesh shirt/leotard:
Fishy Strawberry Swan Lake Black (set)
necklace + bracelet:
LaGyo‘s Siamese Twins // How I’m Feeling Now
Hotch Potch kuro dress (cool freebie, I wore this to SCD prom! <3 Ana XD)
Miel lo socks in ebony (my favorite thigh highs)
Kookie coco in noir (damn fine oxfords I don’t think I’ve featured until nao *facepalms*)
first 2 poses are made by
!am.yt (shop coming soon)

*CURRENTLY: NOH8 SL – the gallery is up!!! Thanks Trace for all your hard work <3// Siamese Twins // Mini Friends

*SL WISH LIST: pointe toe ballet shoes…sculpted!!! // Wellies, black, matte rubber in the style of Hunter boots!!! with optional inserts!!! (and YES, I want a muddy ‘Glastonbury’ style, yes yes yes!! picture is years old, but hunny, practicality and well made things are always in style ) And yes, rain boots have been done in SL, but not without cutesy bubble toes, busy patterns, and thick calves. I’m seeking a sleek, seamless version better seen in London and with skinny jeans tucked in. Kinokoko‘s have come the closest in texture & seamless ankle (due to a clever attachment point) and matte texture, but I’m left longing for a taller, sleeker, blacker pair, The Perfect Ones.

3 Responses to “swooshhh, there runs the punk arse bride…”

  1. love that mesh top ;)
    soooo sexy!

  2. isanna Says:

    agreed!!! ^^^

    very sexy but uber classy!!! it’s a new interpretation of 1920s hollywood. =DD

  3. Abra Exonar Says:

    Newreem, thanks love!!! We all need a couple good mesh tops for layering, ey? <33

    Isanna, thanks hun! I love old Hollywood, so any reference you see is probably truly derived from that love. <33

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