Somebody’s trash is someone else’s treasure/art/spoil/gold…

June 30, 2009

Hey y’all, I’ll be away until the 5th or 6th, so no updates until then. ^___^ I leave you with a dirty, ratty, tomboyish look that I am loving. What more to say?! I love THEDOGS, Shade Throne, NinikoBoy (and Niniko too. it’s fun to wear boys clothes though..), Surf Couture, LLP, GoK, Alexitimia

These boots made me dizzy and filled me with joy! New, hot, buckled, ankle boots! Like sweet honey to my ears…I’d never seen or heard of grasp before, but I sure do love their boots and wallets! So well made, so rockin’ good. yum yum yum! My hair is Doozer of Shade Throne‘s premiere hairdo, out soon I hope! My flight goggles are made by Kumaki, and the texture and details are just great. (I love the way the leather strap flips out, this always happens irl, bahaha.) Royal Blue‘s leggings aren’t super new, but I think I need to see more people wear the contrast leggings, omg how I love them!!! I saw Falastear Aeon and was reminded of Little Heaven. Sweet goodness, I loved this place when I was a baby here. I still do, although the newer build scares the bejezzus out of me each time I’m there. The leg pouch and tools are from the Herb Hunt outfits. LH makes great theme outfits as well as goth clothes and if you need a ridiculously sexy/thissideoftrashy look, go, go, go there. I wasn’t going to indulge in a Devon Aoki skin until Lazolli‘s came around. I really love the look of each of the skinsout there, each has it’s own cool & lovely twist, but Lazolli’s is the one to wear in my case. And of course, my watch is chronokit, some of the best watches in sl, hands doooown.

The sun is shining, the weather is sweet yeah…make you wanna move your dancing feet now, enjoy the sun, folks! <333Love, Abra

ps. Sanu is having a Treasure Quest. Click here, go hunt, be happy!!!

pps. Morrigan Denimore of The Black Canary is starting a Lolita magazine, the first in SL!! He’s looking for contributors and also, people to join the Lolita photo contest! IM him for the notecard on how to enter!


– – –

hair & ring: Shade Throne MyFirstHairStyle & Dia De Los Muertos ring
skin: LAZOLLI/L’ORING Devon Aoki in 01J
hat: THEDOGS blame beret (I effin love this, I’ve been collecting buttons on a mod backpack for a while so this is such an awesome go-together find!!)
bandaid: Fade Dana‘s Maus Bandaid Strip
goggles: Kumaki K_gs Feliz
tank: Surf Couture Racerback Striped in white/gray
necklace & bracelet: THEDOGS Hedi set
arm band: Le Petit Prince (LPP) Scorpio Armlet
watch: Chronokit Comet female 01
tattoos: Alexitimia It Is Time To Awake My Little Demon (chest) // Garden of Ku (GoK) (arms/hands)
pants & belt: NinikoBoy rollup pants in red check
leggings: Royal Blue Two Colours a Leg Leggins in Ultra Contrast (Monochrome pack)
leg pouch: Little Heaven Melissa Herb Hunt in Red (part of outfit)
boots: grasp si*na in black (ass kicking boots)

poses: Lotta, Pididdle, Misera

*CURRENTLY: Panda Elephants!! Marion Cotillard‘s style, Emma Watson’s outfit, here (1st one), the smell of pine needles (I know it’s summer, but…), Lucky Mag blogs + foundation tips (they love Sea of Shoes, too!), mini trip! friends…woods…Trader Joe’s (nahms)

*SL WISH LIST: more clothing layers, a tattoo layer, keep the pie menu (but change where the detach all is, pls.)

6 Responses to “Somebody’s trash is someone else’s treasure/art/spoil/gold…”

  1. […] See original here: Somebody’s trash is someone else’s treasure/art/spoil/gold… […]

  2. I love the boots!

  3. Love the pics in this one and super cute poses!

  4. ooh forgot to add, I LOVE Niniko too!

  5. Abra Exonar Says:

    Clear, thanks so much! The boots were a fun find…imho, we can’t have enough boots! =D

    Lizzie, thanks hun!!! A good pose makes a photo, I think. And Niniko is sooo rockin’ <33

  6. […] Scarves as part of an already brilliant collection. Check out my favorite layered Hedi chains, here. I mentioned before that THEDOGS reminded me of Hedi Slimane and I asked JDDM about it, apparently […]

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