Daphne, ILY!

June 27, 2009

Today, Fishy Strawberry releases it’s first ever skin: Daphne. I’m so incredibly excited about this release, and I think Fae did an excellent job! Daphne comes in 3 skin tones, each in 11 makeup variations, with black, brown and blond eyebrow options, and with or without a hairline. OMG!! Yes, she dun gone and thought of everything…

Daphne’s face is super cute. Super. Cute. Think strong Brows, flirty eyes, juicy, kisssssable lips and dimples! Omg, the world’s most perfect dimples!! /me swoooons… Daphne’s body is softly sculpted, with even lighting throughout. Think soft, glowing, perfectly moisturized skin. (Not ‘greasy’ or ‘oiled’, and certainly not ‘flat.) Her bum is cute and I love the little mole on the right breast! (not pictured, so you can discover it for yourself…)

There’s also a ‘deluxe demo’ in an exclusive makeup in the Fishy Strawberry subscrib-o-matic, so join up and check the history for it. Try it on, fall in love, go back for more…that’s the way it works folks! <333Love, Abra

– – –

*OUTFIT DETAILS: Fishy Strawberry Daphne in Cappuccino; En Svale Bikini; Untone Clover ring.

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