hair, no fair

June 20, 2009

Hey y’all, a quick little post that doesn’t have to do with Hair Fair (because you don’t need another), but does have to do with hair. The iconic Gibson Girl hair from Miriel‘s will be off market soon, since Miriel’s sim is seeing it’s last day today (the 20th). I may have mentioned this a while back, after speaking with Miriel in IMs. I actually asked if any new hair was coming out, alas I spoke too soon… If you don’t own Gibson Girl, I’d get it now. Imho, it’s the best classic bun/updo in SL, totally timeless and something that’s as current now as when it was released. There’s something so proper- and yet, so sexy- about GG. So go take a break from Hair Fair lag, and stock up while you still can!

In other words, I just wanted to say how enamoured I am with the shop The Dogs. I think JDDM could very well be on his way to becoming an SL equivilent to the likes of Hedi Slimane and such. I am such a Hedi Slimane fan, some of the sexiest men’s clothing ever…now some of the sexiest photos, come from this man’s work. (funny enough, I later discovered the bracelet is named Hedi!) Sexy, well made accessories that are both completely masculine and absolutely unisex. The scarves are big and bigger and something I totally wear everyday irl (seriously) and the jewelry and hats can only be compared to the likes of Megg of Chapeau tres Mignon and LaGyo. (Uma rocked it stampunk bunneh style.) Perfectly enough, these three stores, along with the always fantastic Mimikri & four Yip, are located together in what I’ll now refer to ‘alternative/avant garde/indie/bizzaro/sexxah shopping heaven.’ If you haven’t been, go, and go with lots of lindens at that.

Also wanted to mention MANNA, which has gotten a lot of coverage from it’s spot at the Albero accessories fair. I picked up the adventure boots and belt…total love = leather, detailed accessories and that wanderer spirit. If you like a little rugged, steampunk, cute girl in the woods style, MANNA is a place for you.

And Glow Studio‘s ‘free’ socks that come with the Jack earrings persuaded me to buy the earrings themselves!! Ahhh so cool, I love the print and the cut outs…I only hope for more prints in this unique sock style…and YFT‘s baggy half-pants have been an unspoken love for a while. They have that perfect amount of sexy sag to go with anything and everything…tomboy enough to be authentic, feminine enough not to set it over the edge…

Now if only I could tp somewhere, being stuck at home sucks. *shakes fist at sl*
<333Love, Abra

ps. Upon try-on #53 or so, Vive9‘s Belle finally grew on me. I’m not a total covernt like a lot of people (it’s my shape, not the skin’s fault), but it’s cute enough on ma’ strange bones! ;p

pps. UZURI is having a skin sale! 50% off from 3:30am Sat to 3:30am Sun. Here’s me in UZURI. If you like beautiful dark skins, you should own a UZURI skin, for sure!

From Saturday 3.30 am to Sunday 3.30 am:

You know the drill, details after the C.U.T…!!!

– – –

hair: Miriel Gibson Girl in Coffee
Vive9 Belle Light (previous group gift)
THE DOGS shortditch in red
PIG Masculine Gingham in blue
Armidi Itimo Leather Vest in Desert (I <3
Barbee suspenders in red
[YFT] Di Ni Mu
MANNA Mayween L’Aventuriere Belt
Glow Studio DeLyn cards free socks (comes with earrings)
MANNA Mayween L’Aventuriere Boots
Poses by
[Miseria] and [iSOPOSE]

*CURRENTLY: I just watched the Divinci Code, yup. And had real wasabi on my sushi. (Did you know most ‘wasabi’ is just horseradish tinted green? The real stuff is other-worldly delicious…) OH, and omg…watermelon mochi ice cream is the best durn stuff on the planet…omg, omg….like sophisticated bubblegum ice cream only soooo much better…NAHMS.

*SL WISH LIST: Getting to tp out to places, SL has me on house arrest!!! lol D:

11 Responses to “hair, no fair”

  1. ohmyohmai Says:

    I <3 this look so much!!! The different patterns and fabrics — work really well; only you have the power to do that!

    I'm glad this skin is growing on ya ;) I think you look fab in it!

  2. Emma Burton Says:

    Hey Abra!! Love this look!
    Perfect mix and match, you did great :D
    I still have tons of shops and stores to discover! Thank you for sharing!!

    Also, I was wondering… What is [YFT]?
    I made a research on SL but I didn’t find anything.
    Could I ask the SlUrl, please? ^^

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  4. isanna Says:

    hay!!! i LOVE the outfit!!! it’s so unique and fabulous!!! i was wondering if you had a slurl for the scarf, i can’t seem to find it anywhere!! thanks!!! and keep up the good work =D

  5. Abra Exonar Says:

    Isanna, thanks for posting that slurl for Emma :D

    here is THEDOGS:

    thanks so much dears for the comments <33333Abra

  6. isanna Says:

    thank you!!! and you’re welcome!!! lol ;)

    keep up the good work, abra!!!

  7. linkademina Says:

    veeery cool look;)

  8. Abra Exonar Says:

    Isanna, :D XD

    Linka, thank you!!!

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