back so soon, and with attitude

June 20, 2009

I’ve been wanting to do a greasy, mechanic-y look for a while now, especially since coming across Garage R.H., which is my new ‘small, exciting’ store to go to. G.R.H. makes some awesome ‘alternative vehicles’ aka. cool as &^%# ‘Rodeo Flyer’ vehicles + a motorcycle as well as some ‘aged denim’ and modern furniture & clothes. You can even soup up the vehicles, and I did buy a kit but it’s not attached as I haven’t figured out how to as of NAO. Everything here has been made with thoughtful care, and the details make the items special. Just like Miel makes their clothes out of ‘organic wool’ these pants I’m wearing have been ‘aged for 5 years.’ Little thoughts like this, backstories, make shops and their creations thatmuchmore cool, to me. I hiked up the jeans and made them board short length, which I dig, and which was easy, since the cuffs come in large (male) and small (fem).

My boots are made by kick ass hat mechanic Fade Dana, as has my switchblade & goggles. (Don’t mess mofos…) You’d have to be under a mountain of a rock not to have seen, noticed and drooled over her work. Totally realistic, totally imaginative, and a little bit dirty (literally)…Fade’s work is on a level of her own. She OWN’S what she makes and her stuff is f-l-a-w-l-e-s-s. *sighs happily

League came out with these new shirts and I’m loving them. There aren’t enough good tie-up shirts like this isl, I love the shadows under the rolled up sleeves, gah, little touches like this make a product. My belt and ciggie (can’t get enough of those slciggies..) are Naith Smith, top purveyor of some of my fav layered chains and punk jewelry. (Naith and THE DOGS are gonna take over men’s jewelry.) When I say punk jewelry, I mean authentic & street. Nothing pink and with spikes, people. Not that there’s anything wrong with that, I just totally appreciate Naith’s more serious, sophisticated approach to what’s usually too clean and cute for my tastes. Rock on.

Also wanted to mention you have until the 21st to pick up one of my favorite skins, Elizabeth, from Blowpop…as they are having a 60% off sale. Srsly, you’re going to empty your pockets eventually, might as well do it with a sale. Annyka’s skin is so durn creamy and glowy. Too often I see flat, lifeless hand-drawn skin, but with Blowpop I feel almost more creamy/moisturized/glowy than with some of those ‘oiled’ & photosourced skins. aka…she’s captured the rl texture of skin better than a camera. Seriously though, I don’t think Blowpop get’s enough attention on the blogs so I’m going to shout shout shout about it. Get over there and get yourself some softasababy skin. Nahmss.

Last but most certainly not least, I wanted to mention NXS tattoos. Natyssia sent me over a few styles and I just love her work. As you have seen, I love using tattoos to add interest to an outfit or add punch to a dress/gown. NXS designs are really well made and the styles haven’t been worn all over the place like some of my other favorite ink places. (yet, that is…just you wait.) If you like ink and good illustration, NXS = tha place 4 u. Peace, I need summthin’ to eat! <333Love, Abra


– – –

hair: Zero Style Ayase in Chestnut
Infinity by Blowpop Elizabeth in Heavy Cream #6
League Garage Shirt in charcoal skull
GARAGE R.H. Camisole in light gray
Yuli GX Fingerless Gloves in black (unique wrapped gloves, I love ’em)
NXS Tessy
Boon WG15 // Naith Smith Dolla belt
Garage R.H. Denim Aged 5 Years (YES!)
Fade Dana’s Greaser Boots plain
skinned knees by
Cheeky Girl

chair, lamp, vehicle all by
Garage R.H.
goggles & switchblade by
Fade Dana

*CURRENTLY: I’m going to make cheese at home!

*SL WISH LIST: A better way to search for items in inventory. It’s the little things I’d like to tweak…

4 Responses to “back so soon, and with attitude”

  1. ohmyohmai Says:

    I needs to head to blowpop! I’ve been wondering which skin store it was that I keep missing~~ *noms you*

    You look awesome!!

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  3. […] Go here to see the original:  back so soon, and with attitude […]

  4. Val Jorgental Says:

    Love love the camisole… but can’t find Garage R.H. anywhere :(

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