Porcelain Slushy

June 14, 2009



One of my first looks on the blog was a Japanese inspired Lolita, with Curio Obscura sausage curls and a dress by the shop Feather. Oh, and pasty white, flat goth skin, which is not to say anything about the skin itself, but the then state of very pale skins when I rezzed. And lyke, I’m not even 1 year old yet! But the improvements made to skin, surprise me more and more. I hope I do not get use to it tooooo much, as how good can they really get?! I already know the answer to that one, and I’m smiling about it.  (Chhh chhh chhh chhh changes…=) Anyway, so why the trip back to Lolitasville? Well, for one, I was shopping in Pure Angel and saw the new Feather dress and had to have it. It walks the line perfectly between a modern summer dress and a more vintage-y, fancier Lolita number. Feather is also, imho, one of the top purveyor’s of fine  china in SL. You will find everything you need for a proper tea party spread- or for those setting a scene, the perfect environmental accessories.

My hair is from a small, quality hair shop named Lot@Love and I am pretty smitten with it!! It comes in my dark color as well as fiery red, the bow is color-change and the curls are some of my favorite I’ve come across. The black is quite dark, but it has depth and seems to avoid the ‘flat black’ syndrome that some hairs suffer from. I picked up another ‘do at L@Luv, one called Heartache, which is an adorable, voluminous updo. It’s adorable and you’ll be seeing it here soon, I promise! Keepin’ it short and sweet.
<33Love, Abra





 – – –


hair: lot@luv prinprin in night (2nd fav new hair long with irollic’s in last post!)
skin: curio moonbeam in raccoon 2
necklace: withered angel coeur noir choker locket (also check out the ‘slave ring @ this shop. another fav I wrote about in an older post.)
blush by love soul
dress: feather check dress in mint
pantallons: the black canary ghost ship bloomers (part of ghost ship set)
cape: kurotsubaki dark blue cape (part of saihi set)
socks: church of luxe mouse ballet stockings w/ribbon (part of set)
gloves & sock ruffles: picnic lace gloves + socks in ribbon
shoes: feather odeko heel in black (if shiny thing’s mary janes had a baby with katatonik’s, it would look like these: sophisticated with a slight bubble toe.)
closed parosol: the black canary lovely lace parasol in black
open sun umbrella: un jour umbrella (gift presented when you tp in @ the store.)
ring: paper.couture times square ring in diamond
bunny by happy mood
poses by the black canary, flowey and hiccup

*CURRENTLY: irl: this bomb coffee mask I bought on sale. as underwhelming as it may sound, let me say WOW.

*SL WISH LIST: everything I’ve previously mentioned as I haven’t seen any of it yet! (although there was whisper about pointe shoes, I must follow up..)

6 Responses to “Porcelain Slushy”

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  2. This is all sorts of cuteness!!!!!!!!!!

  3. December Says:

    Eee! I steal the dress! :D So cute <333

  4. aleidarhode Says:

    Really cuteeee !!!

  5. Abra Exonar Says:

    Lizzie, thanks hun!! It felt good to get back to my Lolita ‘roots’ hahahaha <3

    December, steal away, the dress is soooo good! <33

    Aleidarhode, thank you!!! <3

    Ana, <3333

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