Im’ma Drowsy Pillow & a bunch of gifts from lots of places

June 14, 2009

Hi. I wasn’t going to post today, then the fantastic sim Drowsy opened and I had to post a little about it. I’ve been waiting in anticipation for it’s opening, and it’s even better than I expected. If you haven’t explored it yet, I’d do so soon as many beautiful sites and opening gifts await you. Check out the gift list below, if you want some direction.

I’d also like to mention my hair, a new favorite, funky style by Irollic. I hadn’t been to Irollic for a while, and was so happy to discover these fantastic braids. Each color comes with two style variations; in the other, the braid wraps around the front of the neck in a really cool way. Also, Gala Phoenix has released new makeups in the newest fact ‘June.’ I’ve really been loving this skin, and I’m so grateful for more makeup variations. Gala’s really on a roll as far as creative, beautiful, wearable colors and textures. I could have taken this dress to a sunny location, but I hadn’t been to House of Munster in a while and couldn’t resist the meat hooks. lol.


I made my way over to the Kalavinka Gallery in Rhizome, and picked up some of the most beautiful paintings. There’s also a free 2009 calender there and it’s beautiful enough to be a work of art in itself. I’m not sure how often this gallery changes, but last time I was there the paintings were different. Also, some $1L art from ArtMeter, at another part in Rhizome. It’s easier if you just take the slurl here. If you go to KIN-DZA-DZA, you can pick up more gifts, art and a cute little skybox. And at Epicurean, I found a pretty set of lingerie for $5L. I’m still sim hopping like nobody’s business and will report the findings soon. Love, Abra



– – –

Drowsy Gift List:


  • Bag bought from a notebook on the ground, by the fountain where you tp in.
  • Necklace bought from a milk bottle, by the fountain, right when you tp in.
  • Plants bought next to the milk bottle. (lots! and very cute!)
  • 3 t-shirts in the Drowsy t-shirt shop, one inside thru the window, one outside by the giraffe, and one outside on the 2nd floor.
  • PJs by the broken gypsy wagons near the [0N] store. (Thanks to Newreem for the help!)
  • Ice cream cones bought down the main road from the fountain.
  • A pillow outside the pillow shop, buy the bench for it. (The pillow shop is by the ice cream shop and record shop.)
  • Gorgeous puddle and axe bought right inside the BP* shop.
  • Balloons scattered throughout the sim, I found 6 colors.
  • Did I miss anything? =)

– – –

hair: Irollic Mew in Light Ash (check out the back!)
skin: Curio June in Moonbeam/Swan 2
lashes: [ glow ] studio smudged tear and Rhapsody
dress: Cloudy Rose dress in Pink
necklace & bracelet: Drowsy ‘desert’ and ‘milk’ (sim opening gifts, find the necklace in a piece of pie and the bracelet in a milk bottle)
pants: Drowsy pjs (part of opening hunt, see above)
sunglasses: Shade Throne hot mess in white
shoes: Kookie Chic Heels in Creamy Latte
blood by Den Dou
location @ House of Munster

*CURRENTLY: For a while, I’ve been diggin’ the Japanese Cafe culture here in SL. I really don’t know much about it, yet I ‘get’ it, you know? Anyway, I’ve been cafe hopping a lot, since most cafes have signs to their friends cafes. And well, it’s fun!

*SL WISH LIST: For SL not to crash when I have a bunch of stuff pulled up! D:< Makes for more work than is necessary. No thank you. Amen.

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