Sea Foam Wipeout

June 12, 2009

Just a lite look for an evening snack, yay for cute, easy to throw on outfits such as this! I like Apple May‘s little dress = perfect for summer layering over bikinis, longer skirts, leggings, nothing…;) Still obsessed with Kookie‘s shoes, srsly I have some repressed sculpted-prim-feet energy going on. I can’t take them off! LaGyo just released a badass ethnic collection with huge earrings and cuff bracelets. I love this line so hard, so be sure to check it out. Also: lovin’ TekuTeku‘s new Flow hairdo and Earthstones‘ perfectly-summer-perfectly-hippie hairbeads. They come with a L or R option and a leather headband that goes across your forehead. A well done upgrade from an earlier model I’ve loved (by a different designer). Also, check below in ‘currently’ and join up with the NOH8 project Trace has put together. It’s fun and of course, a most noble cause. <3Love, Abra

ps. Now the ‘more’ tab here = tutorials and help. Check it out as there may be something you find useful!


– – –

Hair: TekuTeku Flow in Rust
Hair beads:
Earthstones Hair Beads in Serenity
Head band:
Miel Oh Leaf in Opium (modded attachment point, love Miel’s headbands!)
Curio June in Doe 2
LaGyo Africa Nights
LaGyo Roses Necklace
Apple May Designs Maiflower in Sage (so incredibly cute and layerable!)
Surf Couture Rolled Denim Shorts in Oil
Church of Luxe Bra in Black (old gift, still a standby)
Alexitimia Tiki Totem Tattoo
Kookie Chic Heels in Ink (day #2- 3??- of the obsession…)

*CURRENTLY: = want to be a part of it? Details & the one who sprouted the idea, here.

*SL WISH LIST: White T-shirts with armpit stains. I realize this is gross (it is!) but I have yet to find them and I can find anything in SL…the whole white shirt/NOH8 thing piqued my curiosity…

3 Responses to “Sea Foam Wipeout”

  1. […] Originally posted here: Sea Foam Wipeout […]

  2. Ohh how I loathe you! I demand this blog be closed down for the sake of my L$ dollar balance!!

    :D :D :D

  3. Lauryn Arado Says:

    Abra I love this look! lovely dress which I must go buy now :P

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