Crown Toppers, Cute Randomness and Cool $5L pose packs.

June 12, 2009

Hi again! I’m excited about some new hairs and too energized to go to bed. (Tip: Don’t work out so late at night = energy burst = insomnia!) It’s ok though, as I have some cute hairs + stuffs to share with y’all =D <3Abra

Wot? #11 in Brown

Wot? #6 in Black

Wot? #2 in Browns


Wot? is a favorite hair store, that is just small enough and quirky enough to be a fav ‘under the radar’ of mine. Although the days of this are numbered as Wot? has gotten some great coverage lately. If you don’t know about Wot? yet, you most certainly do now (or will, to all those non-reader, readers out there, ehehe!). Quirky fun styles, in 3 color groups with scripted color change and sizing. I usually stick to the brown group, although I love Wot?’s silver and platinum shades from the black and blond groups, respectively. 

Mirone Ceria in Ash Blonde // Naith Smit Gloria Diamonds ring (in flickr pic)

Mirone Adie in Walnut // Elate! Charcoal Rose Ring (pick up one to support RFL!)

Mirone Elan in Dark Brown

Mirone is a ‘new to me’ store, although I read in the release notice that the store is back. So it must have been here before? Well, either way, I’m happy it’s here! Mirone has some of the most beauuuutiful updos I’ve seen in a while. A big, towering evening look and a funky, teased pompadour. They also have some hairs with hair wraps built in, much more natural and casual, but just as good. Oh, and here’s one from the subscribo! With all this goodness, I’m excited to see what’s up next for this brand.

My rose ring is from Elate!, and it’s part of their RFL offering. I’m in complete adoration of anything Elate! does with roses. The collar on the Maria dress is damn brilliant, and I’ve fallen completely for the rose rings. If you are at a loss for a good accessory, these are it. And I’m happy to have a black one in my wardrobe. I’ll be wearing this around until Halloween! The diamond ring is from Naith Smit, a store I may not have found if it weren’t for the Man Hunt. I’m really feeling the stuff Naith is putting out, some great sculpted ciggies (add to the collection), jewelry and women’s & men’s clothing. (Uma got the cutest tank from there.) There are some Chucks there as well, because we can never have enough good sneakers. (oops, that pic got left out, check it out here.)

(POSH) Ashley Pigtails in Blonde // Heroin Allen‘s Fine Young Ageha

(POSH) Cinderella late for the ball in Rose

(POSH) Maylee Scene Girl in Platinum/Auburn

A few posts back, I wrote about (POSH)‘s new releases and how smitten I am with them. Here I’m featuring a few more styles I’m wild about. There’s also a subscribo in (POSH)’s subscribo as well, so that’s 2 free hairs for you- woot! I love Jeanie’s work and imho she has some of the best hair names! 

That thingy on my head is a baby butterfly, probably the most unique thing I have put on my head so far. It’s from the lovely Heroin Allen, purveyor of my favorite Mac Toast Laptop (complete with egg mouse pad), Breadstuffs (her love of bread is the cutest), Fridge (my fridge of choice! small, euro design with one big door instead of two, color change, cool as $%#^), Cream Horn pastry necklace (jewelry + pastry = win) and now, this! I’ve been visiting Heroin’s makeshift shop locations for a while now and again and again have neglected to write about my love for her stuffs. So now the time has come! If you like mouth food, bread, milk, candy, burgers and Macs (woot, Apple!), you will <3 her store. She also has some DJ equipment there as well, including one made of brioche and decorated with a bunny! Gives a whole new meaning to sweet set.

I’ve been a little lazy detailing my poses for the last few posts. This has mainly to do with the fact that ‘lite looks’ allows me to be a little more laid back on the presentation. (Summer schlazy/laziness people.) I do want to tell you about a fav new pose place called Ks2Cool. I’m sure it’s not completely new, but the fact that you can get $5L pose packs that are really cute, excites me to say the least. My taste in poses keeps getting more and more refined because I use so many, and usually I’m not terribly impressed with new ones, especially close to free ones, but these are very flattering and I’ve found myself turning to them again and again these past few days. A definite must see, so check it out! <33Love, Abra

– – –

*WORN THROUGHOUT: Skin by Curio (various makeups from April collection); Lingerie from Armidi (off of, the most fabulous way to shop a mega-brand, mega-lag store/sim EVER.)

* CURRENTLY: GOOP.COM = Gwyneth Paltrow’s site of utter cuteness and inspiration. I srsly can’t get enough. I’m going to do this workout and I love the uniform post. It’s a weekly newsletter, so sign up already! // Hair Fair 2009 Official Site

*SL WISH LIST: POINTE TOE BALLET SHOES, s’il vous plaît!!! // Also, I miss Swirly‘s posts!!

6 Responses to “Crown Toppers, Cute Randomness and Cool $5L pose packs.”

  1. Plum Pralou Says:

    This is a great post — I love that you not only included hair, but also various accessories. And I think you just convinced me to buy some new hair. :D One of those Mirone hairs has my RL name (Élan), so I think I’m totally smitten. :)

  2. Trilby Button Says:

    I love Wot, but her hair is no mod, so I can’t fit it/wear it/do more than go to the shop and pet the photos. *cries*

  3. Abra Exonar Says:

    Plum, thank you so much! ehehehe, yes knowing me, I had to include just a few accessories that have been floating around my invo, I can’t leave it alone! xD The Elan hair is pretty stunning btw, I was ho/hum about it because it was a subscribo gift and sort of a plainer scarf style, but whoa, it’s fantastic!!! <33

    Trilby, awwww, you do know it is scripted to get larger/smaller, by individual prim or the whole she-bang? Also, scripted color change. I'm sure you could make it fit you! No tears, go buy!!! <33

  4. […] The rest is here:  Crown Toppers, Cute Randomness and Cool $5L pose packs. […]

  5. Euni Kira Says:

    hi abra :)

    landed on your site and i’m blown away. you do an amazing job reflecting your own style sense through your outfits and the pictures. great job!! i’ll definately be checking back for updates :D

    and i’m adding you to my blogroll so… yayy!!!

    take care,
    euni kira.

  6. aleidarhode Says:

    Love those cuteness of hairs – must go check out ^^

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