I have nothing to wear

June 6, 2009

Oh do I? ;) Taking my inspiration from Flutter’s musing, which I’m sure rings true for most people ‘without anything to wear’, I bring multiple outfits which prove once and for all- in public and in writing, that I do have something to wear. Just remind me that when I feign exhaustion from laundry day. haha.  <3


Undooz of Shade Throne made the most bombdigginswaggerin’mofo-of-a-necklace ever, and she named it after me! I cannot contain my lust for this necklace. I wanna drench you in gold paint and take your pic-sha baby. My gown is G Field, home of one of the best and largest collections of (awesome) rose inspired clothing that I’ve found. You must have been before, but if you haven’t, please go. Buy some rose shoes to wear with your summer dresses already. I don’t know how often or how much I’ve expressed my love for Fashionably Dead skins, so I will say it here and now: brilliant!!, beautiful!!!, quirky! =D, unique, cute-cute-cute, imaginative, oh-so-flattering, versatile, hand-drawn, well-named goodness. I know you already know that, but I really had to say it out loud. (ps. This is one from the previous collection, which is just as good as the current ones imho. Well done skins will always be stylish.) My shoes are from [KA] Designs and I dug them out of the closet because they are just the heel for this dress- I forgot I had them so it was like Christmas! lol. The ciggie is from Foxy’s Island Smoke Shop, thanks to the fashion bloggers group for helping me find it! (luff u guys <3) This one is a ‘switching’ ciggie, so it appears and hand or mouth on auto rotation. Yes smoking is bad for you, then again if you’re going to do something do it well.

. . .


.two. GONZO

A look that evolved out of another look, I like the way it turned out. There are a lot of different elements in here, different styles. My favorite looks are ones that combine favorite elements into a cocktail shaker, *shake shake* and you’ve made your look. Resident genius curioala Gala Phoenix has just released another “throw my body over the train tracks for just a taste” skin, “June” and like everything she makes, it’s all impeccably crafted details, dreamy/fun/interesting makeup, luminescent, just-that-side-of-dewy perfection. The face is beautiful, a little more mature than my beloved April’s, but related close enough that one can wear it and still feel themselves. Full review to come soon! (I have to show you these makeups! pure elated ecstasy) My dear friend Jeanie has just released new hairs at her store (Posh) and I am really loving them! My favorites are the twin tails, cinderella, richie and this one, ‘kelly after sex.’ The hairs are sculpted, come in 4 colors and, gosh, a lot of styles. I’m so happy to have some in my closet- Jeanie I can’t wait to see what you release next! <33 These BP* pants are my favorite, BettiePage could make a banana peel dress look cute, etherial and playful. 


Looking forward to upcoming 69, BP*, Uglydorothy releases. New goodness is highly stimulating! Muah! <3Love, Abra



– – –


hair in Black by Evie’s Closet/yay for EC hair!
skin: Light in Milk Nose by Fashionably Dead/part of previous collection, get@the Herold shop
dress.veil.gloves: Mistress in Black by G Field
mask: Sumire by Minajunk/part of av pack
hair flowers: deadmen headpiece by Vain/I bought it back at the old sim, I think it may be for sale still.
bracelet: Cuff Up Bangel in Spring Fling by Royal Blue/subscribo gift
necklace: The Exonar Necklace by Shade Throne (Undooz tyty<3)
tattoos: Damnation sleeve by Cherry Bomb/previous gift
ring: Times Square Ring in Diamond by Paper.Couture
shoes: Maika in Black by [KA Designs]
eyes: Summer in Dry Soil by Poetic Color
ciggie: Cig 4.2 Aly in Gold Bitchstick by Foxy’s Island Smoke Shop

.two. GONZO
hair: Kelly after sex in Rose by (Posh) (Jeanie <333 tyty)
skin: June Petal in Swan 2 by Curio/Review coming soon! (prob @
skin love)
t-shirt: “I may Die” by Drowsy
overalls.kerchief: Salopette Denim in Black by anuenue
pants.apron: Check Pants in Black Watch by BP*
socks: Mi Knee Highs in Black Plaid by Miel
earrings: Precious Jellyfish by LaGyo (on my perma top 3 for fav earrings ever <3Gyo)
ink: Koi Japanese by Alexitimia
gloves in teal by Pididdle (previous gift)
sunglasses: Yes by Shade Throne (built in eyebrows, bombdiggity)
boots: Fringe Cowboy Boots in Beige by J’s
bag by Shade Throne/not for sale (my favoritestest bag in the world, traditional patterns like the one on this bag have my <3)
backpack buddy: Mr. Roboto by Rebel Xtravaganza (meow, he’s cute)

*CURRENTLY: I’ve been a subscriber of MichiGirl for years, and now I pass it on to you!

*WISH LIST: The shoes at the above MichiGirl link; short, loose, tops like these w/cute prints; this girl’s adorable makeup tutorials

7 Responses to “I have nothing to wear”

  1. Ana Lutetia Says:

    I love that tie! <333
    Great styling

  2. wow you rocked that couture look! /me runs to get that dress with veil!:)

  3. Awesome! And sunglasses that totally rule in Gonzo!

  4. linkademina Says:

    look with red hair stunning !
    :) i love it, and glasses are coooool

  5. […] few posts back, I wrote about (POSH)’s new releases and how smitten I am with them. Here I’m featuring […]

  6. Abra Exonar Says:

    Ana, hi!! Thank you so much!! The tie does rock, doesn’t it?! Aww, leave it to Miel to bring it out kickin’ with style. <333

    Chance, thank you!! The G Field dress is a (somewhat) unlikely purchase, but I HAD to, it's so beautiful. I'm so happy I did too. The veil from MinaJunk is srsly the most perfect one ever. I wear it often with things, thinking of it like a 'black bar across the eyes.' Maybe I should only wear it on 'bad style days'?? eehehehe! <33

    Wyatt, yeahhh! Eyebrow sunglasses, the BEST EVER. They are actually a remake from RL too, so Undooz tells me. They got some personality! =D <33

    Linka, thank you so much!! Plaid, crazy glasses and lots of layers = a good combo in my book! lmao! <33

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