Lady Day

June 3, 2009

Hi guys! I was all ready to post an outfit, when I took a look at it and lost my love for it. Does that ever happen to you? lol, nonetheless, I was determined to make something work today and so I did. Both outfits (this and the one you won’t see) were inspired by the new Whippet & Buck tartan top. Here, you can only see a little peek of it, and without it’s belted, ruffly goodness, but I assure you, it’s presence is essential in balancing out this look. As I’ve said before, I adore the whole W&B line and feel the tag line should be something like: Whippet & Buck, proper dressings for proper ladies. (and gents.) Or something like that. They do a good, simple, feminine silhouette without foofy, pouffy or goofiness involved. And they make a tank in chartreuse. (<333 they know they way to my heart.) The new top can be worn tons of different ways, with or without the ruffle, think: 50’s retro, buttoned up, with destroyed shorts (I wanna try it with the Surf Co. Roll-Down shorts- or Milk Motion‘s), high-waisted jeans…you name it. Oh, and if you’re doing the ‘Man Hunt’ aka. Make Him Over, be sure to pick up the W&B shorts. They are darling on girls, I feel like a deluxe tomboy in them. The shortcut can be found here, don’t shoot the messenger.

Niniko is one of-the-moment darling store and there’s no wonder to it! Cute clothes, GREAT quality and workmanship, very reasonable prices and lots of creativity and imagination infused into each piece. I’m so happy to see that Niniko Boy is now open! This is the ‘men’s only’ offshoot of the brand, and I put it in quotes because I will most certainly be wearing, um, ALL the pieces in this line. I scooped up this jacket and modded out the bottom so it fit my womanly curves. (A hint in case you’d like to do the same: squish the length down a bit, move up the whole prim, then take in the sides.) I love the high collar and the hood- Niniko does a mean hood I tell ya! There’s also a free men’s shirt in the Boy’s wing, it’s cute, blue and has an anchor on it. And none of those things will be preventing me from wearing it!

My funky, chunky shoes are a new release from Sey and I love their stamped leather base! I have a bunch of shoes with this shape, but none which have made such delightful use of the thick platform sides. Way to go Sey! My bag is a back season design from Polina-Kaestner. I’ve had it forever and love it so much…another one of those I-love-it-so-much-I-can’t-decide-how-to-wear-it items. I realize that may make me seem about as fashionable as a Muskrat and I’m sure you can guess just how much I care about that! ;p

Surprise me and tell me you haven’t heard about Poetic Eyes‘ mini-sale type offering. All the previous freebies are packaged and waiting in the store for you, so if you missed one, now’s your chance to snag it. I’m wearing the Summer eyes in Dry Soil. This is the newest collection, based on that deep, rich, bright blue of the summer sky. The fat pack is 60% off for 2 days, which may mean 1 day at this point. So if you want them, hurry on down. They’re really pretty!

The funky two-tone tights are from Twee; this little store has certainly had a revival these days! I’m seeing stuff all over the feeds and in my favorite blogs. I like the way the colors of the tights set off the Skin Flicks pencil skirt. (Which by the way, I love…the whole safari inspired outfit is very well done and the creamy/pinky-beige color is delicious.) Also be sure to check out Skin Flicks new Beach Bum line. I’m digging the slouchy tops and shorts and the soft, simple bikinis are my favorite. Luna did a great review of them here.

Squint and try to make out the broach on my jacket. It’s from Balderdash and it’s fantastic. I first saw this set at Silent Sparrow, ages ago when I was a noobie and had to have it. If you get down to the main store, you’ll find some great jewelry (see the rosaries!) and surprisingly enough, some of my favorite candles in SL. They’re ‘jelly jar’ candles and they have a glowing prim at the bottom that dances light on your table. Grab some of the vanilla ones and a rainbow one (my fav) and you will be set for a cozy summer night.

Do you have a skin somewhere that looks good on you and maybe you’ve never really worn it for no reason in particular? This is how me and Redgrave‘s Venus have gotten along aka. I have forgotten all about this skin. When talking to Emilia a while ago, she said that Venus was probably the best seller of her skins. Which surprised me since I see Leona and Lyla everywhere, but no Venus. Maybe it’s because it’s an older skin. Well regardless, I love Venus’ plushy lips and softly romantic face. The body isn’t as creamy smooth as some of the newer ones, but that’s ok…I have skins that look better when in undies or naked and I have skins to wear with outfits! Oh, if you’re going to get it, I’d recommend the lighter shade…some of the light on the tanner skin is a little less than smooth, imho. (Speaking of skins, have you seen the new men’s one from Imagen?! Check how cute Stokely is in it. Omg, new mens stuff is popping up all over the place! The boys must be so excited! I’m also excited because now that the men’s skins are out, Imagen will be releasing the new female skins. If you remember the clover hunt back in March @ Imagen, #20 was a preview of the skin and I am sooo damn smitten over it! woo!)

Ok, I’m off and running, hope you enjoyed the look! <3Love, Abra

ps. Way to go boys!


– – –

Hair: Big Pompadour in Blond by Cumu
Hair Accessory: Natty Scarf Pin by LeeZu Baxter

Skin: Venus in Blue by
Shirt: Grazia in Indigo by
Whippet & Buck
Skirt: Jane in Beige by
Skin Flicks
Socks: Two Tone Leggings in Teal/Yellow by Twee

Shoes: Deni
m HH by Sey
Bag: French Bag in Bleu by
Bracelet: Leather Bracelet by
MM’s (colorchange, in the freebie bag w/the belts. this is by far the best item in there.)
Ring: Rose Ring by Fairy Tail (freebie?)
Eyes: Summer in Dry Soil by
Poetic Eyes
Lashes by
AOHARU (Undooz, you’re right about ’em)
Poses by
VPoses, LeLutka (pulled from group gift bag- purse poses!), SLC, LOTTA

*CURRENTLY: Naan Pizza, ‘nough said.

*WISH LIST: Sailor’s Bracelets! Sculpted! In white, of course, and colorssssss…!!! <3

6 Responses to “Lady Day”

  1. Makenzie Irling Says:

    This whole look is super cute. I’d forgotten about getting hair from Cumu, I’ll definitely be stopping there.

  2. Luna Jubilee Says:

    adorable look!! Thank you for the link back <3

  3. ohmyohmai Says:

    abrraaa you pretty pretty adorable thing! :D
    I lurveee the colors you picked out here and you look stunningly gorgeous as usual :)

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  6. Babette Sivocci Says:

    Adorable is key!

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