Papillon Noir

June 2, 2009

Hola, I came back from the weekend and had a wealth of inspiration and absolutely no focus- lol- so this look too a while. It’s a bit dark and strange, and also feminine and old/new all at once. I’m still not over ROT’s boots, and I love this tube top from Traingle Cauldron’s shop. Tiny Words’ black lips are nummy on this Fashionably Dead skin. LaGyo‘s new Onyx necklace rocks my world as do my favorite Shade Throne earrings (how does one choose a favorite anyway?) KATATI makes one of the best free clocks in SL atm, as far as creativity is concerned. They also make my fav butterfly tattoos too; I’m loving the way they ‘fly up the body.’ Milk Motion‘s fringe skirt was a ‘love at first sight’ item, but sometimes it takes a bit to get an outfit together with something you love. (Go figure.) Wild O‘s superb updo + their monochromatic flowers. I’m loving SUGARCUBE’s new String Tanks- I’m only wearing the armbands at the moment, but the whole gettup is fantastic. It comes in 21 colors and the fatpack is, like 60% off or something like that, until the 7th I believe. Make sure you check your dates! I’m taking that info from the top of my head. Oh, and the ‘Mandatory Weird Accessory of the Day’ (;p) is GeorgiaBean Lately‘s Smokin’ Ben ciggie, which I’ve had for AGES and LOST and then I found it in an obviously labeled folder…mmhmm, doof…I love it and hope I see an updated version with sculpt and controlled smoke. (Ok, an obviously wish list item for me.) 

Speaking of, it’s totally amazing to see how things are progressing- as far as quality and worksmanship go- in SL. I’m talking about everything, from hair to skin, clothing to shoes, houses, vehicles, everyweirditemyoucouldthinkof! Things are getting more and more ‘real’, unique and refined, as have everyone’s tastes too. I must thank all the talent out there for heightening my selectivity of inventory items. And every time, when I couldn’t imagine I’d come across a so-and-so thing in world, I do- and it’s better than I could imagine. Keep rockin’ in the free world. Love, Abra

ps. Remember the unavailable Geek Glasses in this post? Well Undooz has put them up for sale. Grab them, they are that good!


– – – 


Hair: Comori in Ash (rose) by WILD O
Hair Accessory: Juliet in Black by WILD O
Skin: Tiny Words in Bird Skin by (FD)
Earrings: Over Drama by Shade Throne
Necklace: Onyx in Silver by LaGyo
Shirt & Socks: Fake Pianist in berry by /TRI\ (parts of the awesome outfit)
Armbands: String Tank in Black by SUGARCUBE (part of tank set)
Bracelet: SWAGGA in WG by Fabulous (ty Dango <3)
Rings: Skull Ring by Baker’s // Dia de los Muertos by Shade Throne
Skirt: My Leather Fringe Skirt by Milk Motion
Tattoos: Papillon by Katati
Boots: Test Boots by ROT

Smoke: Smokin’ Ben V2 by GBL
Nails: Black by MAI (gift)

*CURRENTLY: 3191 Miles Apart: Fantastic content has had me reading these authors for years, before on old blogs and now on their conjoined project about two women, their lives and the similarities and differences of living 3,919 miles apart. A good read and with recipies.

2 Responses to “Papillon Noir”

  1. GG Sideshow Says:

    brilliant as always!
    you managed to make this kinda grungey with a feminine feel, love it <3

  2. Anemysk Karu Says:

    I really like this skin a lot!

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