end of (my) week

May 28, 2009

Hi all, it’s been a few days, yea? Lately I’ve been feeling so creative, I’ve been working on some other things, which in turn has inspired me to blog! I’ve been feeling a lot of different looks, and here is a trio for you. I’m seriously regretting not taking out my piercing for the third one, but it’s ok. I’d gotten so use to using it, it was second nature to see it on my face! lol. Some notables are the frickin’ fantastic Shade Throne earrings (<3 Undo), NINIKO‘s new bow top, Esme Milena‘s new poses (not for sale yet, but I really hope she makes more and opens up shop…they are fantastic), the Kalnins‘ shoes everyone’s been in love over (srsly, from first sight…I was so enamoured with them it took me days and days to wear them…this happens sometimes with things I like too much, lol), ROT‘s authentic Doc Martin/Combat boots (not new, but worth mentioning since they are the best out there, imho), LaGyo‘s ‘Space Cuties’ choker (like all Gyo’s things, it’s edgy, girly and totally cool), [ glow ] studio‘s lashes (I’ve been meaning to post about them for ages, probably the most exciting place for lashes out there), Au Jus poses (small shop, new to me, and I like them) and booN‘s GIC128 hair (which is one of the newer styles, and completely saucy/cute and sooe wearable- I love the side curls). *phew* I had to do my loves in list form, to prevent you from reading a novel. ;) 

Well, there’s lots of new things to come soon, and I’m exciting for some of the upcoming releases including BP* and LeLutka. (Bettiepage and Minnu have been posting tantilizing teasers on their flickrs and I’m really excited about it!!!) I’m out of town, for real, this weekend. (No bailout disaster camping, no way!) I’ll see everyone on Monday! =D Love, Abra

ps. I forgot to talk about Eva‘s Bubble Dress, which I wore 3 days in a row…with all three layers on, then as a skinner version with the top ‘puff off’ and then finally as a shirt. I wore it dressy, goth and casual…it’s so versatile! 3 days has to be a record for me. As James observed, “it’s the perfect combination of sculpt and flex. Check it out.





Hair: GIC128 hair in mat by *booN
Skin: April Petal in Redhbud2 by
Eyes: Evening Sky by
Poetic Color
Shirt: Cutsew in white/blue by
Skirt: Denim PatchBlue by
Untone Quilt
Socks: Lo Socks in Maroon by
Shoes: Coquette by
Rings: Pig on Pearl by
Big Boob Boutique // Clover w/Butterfly by Untone
Earrings: Twisted Bitch in XD by
Shade Throne
Bag: urban sequin pouch by
Boing Fromage
Nails by Alta Moda
Poses by Esme Milena, NeILOW, Elisa (the former two being my new favs, and the latter is going out of business = sale)

Hair: Loelle in Jet by Maitreya
Skin: Alice Orange by
(Milk Motion) (le.look! exclusive)
Top: Black Satin Bubble Dress by
Skirt: Denim Miniskirt in Green by
Honey Honey
Leggings: Isabeax Leather Pants by
LF Fashions (Thanks Fallingwater for the help =)
Boots: Test Boot by
Bag: Over Nighter Bag in Snow Leopard by
Headphones by
Eish! (previous gift, for sale)
Nails: Red by
MAI (free)
Smoke by
Ring: Vinca by
Poses by (pda), {flowey}, aKai

Hair: Fuwabob Hair by Shop Seu
Skin: Imani Nougat in 07 by
Eyes: Babydoll in Dark Brown by
Lashes: Rhapsody & Avant Garde by
[ glow ] studio
Dress: Black Satin Bubble by
Shoes: Vixen II in Pearl by
Bag: Brown Pochette by
Necklace: Space Cuties by
Ring: My Shining Ring by
Gloves: Half Gloves by
Shade Throne (not for sale)
Poses by
Au Jus

*CURRENTLY: more travel = H20 (think camel here, people), The Dead Weather (never seen a woman peacock so hard on stage, and I love it.), Nil’s new posts (wb hun!)

4 Responses to “end of (my) week”

  1. nilgiha Says:

    \o/ what a nice welcome is yours at my blog! thank you for that ;)
    aaaand, you are a great mixer matcher..ı just declare and claim it at public <3

  2. i <3 OUTFIT =one=
    :-) very beautiful blog post.
    keep on burning abra^^

  3. Babette Sivocci Says:

    Those shoes are rocking!

  4. Nina Becker Says:

    i love this post!!
    these matches rocks!!

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