OK Rainbow

May 23, 2009

Ok, I’m still sort of in my tomboy mode and have another look soon to prove it, but for now I’m pausing to bring you a pretty bright, colorful and feminine number. It’s also a bit quirky too. *wink. I’ve had this kimono for months now, and was planning and planning to post with it…and then of course I go off on my trip and promptly forget about it, until NAO. DownDownDown‘s items caught my eye thisquick, in some obscure Japanese mall, somewhere on the grid. I came to find that DDD has had a location at one of my fav cute sims cioccolata, all along! Anywho, DDD’s clothes are a mix of tradition, art and punk, with bold color and patterns. There are some accessories, shoes (a cute freebie pair of geisha shoes that I meant to show until I found my HP caterpillars…), and these cool fluorescent light bulbs that I wanna build a skybox for- they are sooo cool.

With the DDD Kimono, I’m wearing Deja Vu‘s new ponytail style. Gosh, I love their glammy, sexy hairs and this new one, “Mint,” is no exception. My boots are from a Hotch Potch freebie that’s been going around the feeds. I’ve been meaning to post about them for weeks, but you know how it goes…they are lovely tho, aren’t they? Who doesn’t love “The Hungry Caterpillar” book?! The eye piece was my first monocle from way back when and I still looove it. My lil buddies are from Rebel Xtravaganza and El’n, because every rainbow geisha needs buddies. I dunno if you can see my lunchbox or my super cool BooN ring, but they are worth checking out too! Ok, gotta run! Love, Abra




Hair: Mint in Baby Pink by Deja Vu (ty Dango <3)
Skin: April Petal in Rainbow 1 FREX by Curio
Nose Piercing: Skull Piercing Set by AVZ
Eye Piece: GC-L001 by Guild of Crie
Kimono: Purple by DownDownDown
Broach: Broach Jewels by .:*D*:. (um, no creator available! Anyone have a guess?!)
Leggings by Niniko
Shoes: aomusi by Hotch Potch (freebie, part of caterpillar set)
Buddies: Onigiri Mini in Happy by Rebel Xtravaganza (random vendor luv) // Poring by El’n
Nails: Taped Fingers from Sinistyle
Ring: VT 3 fingers ring by BooN (old group gift)
Bunny Ears by Scribble
Lunchbox: Rainbow Brite by TCEB
Props: Fluorescent Lights by DownDownDown // Cubic Animal- Bear by AKIBE (adorable, adorable tiny avi)
Poses by (pda)and um, {flowey} I believe!

*CURRENTLY: beet salad with goat’s milk cheese, camping (!!! It’s finally the season!), camper shoes (<3 the new ones) and picture taking with my Rebel.

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