All Tomboys go to Heaven

May 23, 2009

Hai! I told you I’d be back in no time with mah next tomboy look! This is a look I love so much, I dunno why! I think I’m so excited for summer and being outdoors and camping!! I love to go out into the woods and just hike and forget about the city for a while and I’ll be going later today for 2 nights. \o/ This look was dubbed my “cute little homeless japanese girl” look by one of my friends, and I guess that could work too. lmao. But srsly, I have had a lot of fun with this look, and I have my current tomboy phase + Love Soul‘s hippie releases to thank. It’s been fun to dig into ‘the closet’ and dredge up all my old ‘fantasy woodlands’ accessories, which work so beautifully as camping/granola/hippie accessories as well. I also have to express how much I am loving my Junwave hippie wrap hair, omg they even made it from ‘hemp’- love it. I dunno what all the fuss is about tomboys and Disney lately, but all I have to say is l.o.v.i.n.g  i.t.!!! I think it’s fun to play with a look and take a theme that isn’t usually attached to fashion and make it work. Camping is dear to me & so is style, so there you go. (btw, my RL tent is VERY stylish…MSR people, it’s a fantastic brand!)

As for the look’s creation, it took a while to achieve. (read: patience.) I had to edit a lot of the accessories together to get them to fit on the attachment points. I wanna thank Toast Bard (a la Fashionably Dead <3) for making such cool (and mod, tytyty) hair accessories for !Lamb, as they worked perfectly as accessories in my ‘just rolled on the forest floor’ ‘do. (We’re sticking to RL inspiration here, in the woods there is always moss, twigs, cobwebs in my hair! o.o) The Woodland Winds hair wraps are something I’ve had since my ‘blue elf skin noob-a-licious days’ and I still adore them. If I have any elven, fantasy readers out there, “Hello!” and check out WW for some sexy leather outfits. I have more accessories than I’d like to account for in the writing part of this, lol, but rest assured I love them all. I hope you enjoy this funneh look! xD Love, Abra

ps. I’ll be gone for the weekend, so see you on Monday!!



Hair: Hemp Cap Hair in Haz by Junwave
Hair Accessories: Hair Stuff by
Fashionably Dead (assorted hair stuffs, heavily modded) // Feather Hair Wraps by Woodland Winds (old favorite place)
Skin: April Petal in Jonquil 2 by
Nose Ring: Skull Piercing Set by
Bunny Ears by
Scarf: Muffler by
Sweater: Cowichan Sweater in Brown by
En Svale
Shirt: Wrecked Neckholder in Black by
Shit Luck
Armbands: Color Bracelet in Gold by
Bukka (modded for armband) // Leather Crop Halter Armband by Boom (comes with the top)
Ring: Pig Ears Up by
Nails: Taped Black Nails by
Shorts: Denim Shorts by
Belt: Sky Campers Belt in Light Brown by
Fur Keychain by
Love Soul
Ipod by
Water Pack: Waistbag by
Kal Rau
Backpack: Camping Backpack in Green by
AZ (modded the decorations onto the backpack)
Buttons on Backpack: Button Eyes by
Kunstkammer // pin sadbot by [re.act] (modded on)
Leggings: Holey Kisses Leggings by
Leg Warmers: Sweat Leg Warmers in Brown by
Shoes: Hemp Shoes by
Love Soul

*CURRENTLY: Tea with NZ honey (mmmm…), Daniel Day Lewis Movies (god he’s good), packing for camping and rhubarb butterscotch cake a la Nigella Lawson!

8 Responses to “All Tomboys go to Heaven”

  1. (as mentioned on your flickr post)
    i think you really pulled this look off abra :)
    its easy to ‘over-do’ a look, but i often enjoy watching your styles bc i feel you balance them well- like everything has a place and reason, not just throwing stuff on randomly and calling it styled. i think my fave part of this are the feathers and leaves in your hair- exactly what would happen to a girl backpacking…like the holes in your tights- very well thought out and executed and it totally is adorable!

  2. Abra Exonar Says:

    Miabella, tyty again and again. Your comment made my little saturday something special ^____^ thank yous x 10,000 <3 Abra

  3. December Says:

    Have fun camping and don’t wear those bling lashes. Bears, Abra. Bears!

  4. ohmyohmai Says:

    I lurve how brilliant this is — I bet all your attachments were weighing you down but it’s fab! And crazy without being overdone. Miabella completely hit the mark with her reply ;)

    You notice all these lil details that are just fab… I lurve you tomboy and feminine cause mostly I think you’re amazingly smart with creating a look ^^ This is lovely!

    I hope you have fun this weekendddd come back soon!! Mee misshes youuu~ *squish*

  5. Abra Exonar Says:

    December luvvvv! I was hoping you’re on. Car trouble means I’m only going to be gone for a night, and I’m wait wait waitin’ to gooo. And yes, my prim lashes *do* attract bears, but it’s only the gold ones, and the are quite stiff too. If a bear comes, I poke him in thee eye!! xD <33

    Anyaaaa, yes it was like I was truly backpacking with the weight of all those attachments, lol! You are always so sweet and you know I adore ya, tyty!! *smoosh* <3

  6. I’m completely blown away with this look. The idea is really well executed. Gosh and you have patience to slowly attach all those little things hehez. The details and thought put into this outfit is simply fabulous. Amazing! :)

    Ps. The title is so cute too!

  7. Emi Bade Says:

    Oh Mia already mentioned what I wanted to say LOL
    Yeah your sense of putting together all the stuff is amazing.

    I’ve ever seen the legwarmers so many times at BP but YOU made me get them now <33

  8. Linka Says:


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