Tomboy Android

May 18, 2009


Hi all, well I tried so hard- so so hard- to be pretty and feminine today, but all I wanted to do was dress up in long shorts and baggy tees. (I was well meaning too, when I went to Kalnins to get the new heels Uma featured today, but all that did was remind me of the fantastic sneakers I picked up from there a while ago. lol. *sigh) Of course, I was feeling a little quirky too, and remembered I hadn’t worn my sweet Kurotsubaki Tree Leg and my badass Chapeau tres Mignon Daffy hat. (I told you I would, remember?) Then I pulled on some AVZ android arms and the look was off and running! Which I sure hope won’t cause to to go off and running, because let me tell you now, this is not a look for everyone. You have got to like a good quirk factor and you have to have humour. As for me? I love it! You probably already knew that, since now and then I’ll throw you a curve ball of a strange look. *winks. I’d also been meaning to purchase these Kurotsubaki short pants, ever since that day when I finally got to meet three of my flickr favs in world! Yay! I love that. Anyway. that day I was having trouble deciding what color I wanted (all?), so I held off until I knew (brown! of course! this is a pretty brown.) I also wanted to save one of the most exciting things about my look, for last: my new !Tarnished skin by one of my SLfavs, my friend December. I’ve mentioned her stuff in the blog quite a bit, most recently the cute Minnie Mouse-inspired dress she made, but I’m SO excited about this skin release because her skins are what initially drew me to her line. Her skins have always been beautiful, original and striking and this new one, “Dot,” is my favorite so far! (It even beat out Midnight Snowstorm, but it was a hard pressed decision, let me tell you.) Dot is super cute and so wearable! I’m smitten and you can be sure to see more of this skin on me in the future, especially when the other makeup variations come out. Horray! Hope you enjoy the look. :)) Love, Abra

ps. My photoshoot was real fun, so more photos for you! xD




Hair: Maia in White by Kin
Hat: Evil Daffy Hat by
Chapeau tres Mignon
Skin: Dot skin by
!Tarnished (coming soon!)
Piercing: Skull Nose Piercing Set by
Eye Patch: Feather eye patch by
YIPS (<3 four Yip)
Shirt: My loose tshit in Cross by
Milk Motion
Android Arms: Prosthetic Arms by
Sash: Napoleonic Sash by
Chapeau tres Mignon
Pants: Corduroy half pants in Brown by
Bag: Fanny Pack EXTREEEME!!! in Classy Lady White by
Socks: Mokomoko socks in Charcoal by
*Untone Quilt*
Tree Leg: Small Earth by
Shoes: Dinamika by
Kalnins (color change + more = badass)
Tattoos: Tiki Totem by Alexitimia (leg) // tattoo188 sakurafubuki by sage’s
Otter by
*M* pet goods (old group gift)
Poses by
{flowey} and (pda)

*CURRENTLY: loving my border crossing cereal, Olivia Bee’s flickr photostream is completely inspiring, and spring salads…and broccolini with cheese sauce! (AND Toblerone!!!)

4 Responses to “Tomboy Android”

  1. December Says:

    Aww I love you Abra! And I still have to get me a Disney hat!!!!

  2. pluxie Says:

    ah abra i love it ! so unique.

  3. I LOVE this style, i go shopping tonight yaah!

  4. Abra Exonar Says:

    December <3333 yoous dollface!

    Luxieeee \o/ I'm so glad you like it aka. 'get' it luv yas!

    Emo <33 ty!! =D

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