Shades of RFLuv

May 15, 2009

Hi all! I come to you today, reminding you of the RFL Indie Rock Carnival going on until the end of this weekend. De-prim, brave the lag and come to dance, shop and support the American Cancer Society! This Whippet & Buck dress is one of the many beautiful things up for grabs, with all proceeds going to the ACS. How cool is that? I love so many things about this dress! The color for one, is subtle and soft which keeps the frilly layers from going ‘over the top.’ When I swagger about, the dress has great movement. (read: no jiggly prim layers!) And I love that each tier of ruffles is separate, so you can wear the dress as a short top, tunic or it’s original dress length. These girls are genius I tell you. And btw, the whole line is this good, so if you haven’t made your way down to the store yet, I’d do so immediately following your dance-a-thon @ RFL.

I decided to pair the dress with Royal Blue‘s new release ‘gradiant tights.’ I like the way the skirt’s tiers of color play off the color-shift of the tights. Marni did a great job on something so simple, which goes to show you that good, well-made basics (with a little twist), will always rule the world. Royal Blue’s new collection is another definite must see, so add that to your list as well. (See: rose skirt, garter tights, heart necklace, chunky platform heels, drools…) 

My headband and big diamond ring are from LaGyo, which is a new favorite jewelry store of mine, a place I found through one of my favorite new blogs, Brinksie. Gyorgyna is so incredibly creative and she makes some of the most unique pieces I’ve seen in SL. I have so much more I want to show you from her store, but until then, check out Brinksie’s feature on LaGyo and look up the jellyfish earrings which are freaking brilliant. Brilliant, I tell you.

The bangle bracelets and earrings I have on are from Zaara‘s new jewelry release, which is high on my ‘things you must own in SL’ list. 11 pieces, 2 color sets and each piece is a stunner. I wore some of the other pieces last night to SCD’s Prom (where Miss Uma rocked the awards, I might add. Congratulations Uma!!) and later to Esme‘s great set @ RFL. 

I’m excited to say I’m wearing UnTone‘s newly rereleased Clover ring. It was one of those pieces I was kicking myself for not getting before, (I had a lapse in judgement during a shopping trip) so thank you soo much Cocomitsu for rereleasing them! They’re also trans, so they make a sweet spring gift for all the birthday people out there.

Also, notice something different? I added a simple shadow to my picture today! While this may not impress most of you out there, I myself am pretty delighted with it, as most of all the photos I’ve posted here have been taken in-world and posted ‘straight up’ without any editing. Which somehow surprises most people- thanks! (I will say that, on occasion, Picnik has been very, very good to me. ;-}) This whole ‘post-editing’ step is very new to me as are most of the ‘simple’ things in photoshop, so please bear with me as I learn more and apply it here. I’d like to give a big, huge thanks to Anya, who’s helped me find some good tutorials and laughed at my ‘photoshop illiterate’ jokes! (You are the best, thank you!)

I also want to add a little extra thing in here from time to time, just things that I’m finding in world or on the web. Sometimes I find some really cool stuff and I wanna share it with you!! It’ll always be at the bottom, following the ‘***’ ;).

Thanks all, and TGIF!!! Love, Abra




Hair: bosayuru hair by Cumu
Skin: Elizabeth in Fresh Cream #5 by
Infinity by Blowpop
Headband: Floral Headband by
Dress: Haver Tiered Frock by
Whippet & Buck (only for RFL Indie Rock!)
Scarf: Charcoal Plaid Scarf by
Miel (subscribo gift, and a favorite of mine)
Tights: Gradiant Tights in black by
Royal Blue
Shoes: Wo boots in black by Zero Number
Rings: Clover ring by UnTone // my shining ring by
Bracelets/Earrings: Nizam Collection from
Zaara (sold separately as well as in a group)
Bag: Bellissima 09 Black by
Bare Rose (it’s at the Bare Rose Couture shop)
Poses by

*CURRENTLY: Sea of Shoes

3 Responses to “Shades of RFLuv”

  1. Nina Raymond Says:

    I like very much the muted colors as well as the color scheme. :)

  2. Lili B. Says:

    I love that hair and Elizabeth is very sweet on ya. Gotta visit Cumu! Thank you for the sweet words for LaGyo and Brinksie! It made us both giddy! ^_^

  3. Abra Exonar Says:

    Nina, thank you! I really LOVE this outfit, it’s easy and fun to wear. tyty <3

    Lili, yay I’m so happy to see you here ^_^ I’ll be reading! <333

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