Everything is coming up rosy thru my chartreuse tinted glasses…

May 14, 2009

I woke up feeling extra inspired today and thought I would continue featuring my favorite/strange colors on the blog. Chartreuse! And when I think of chartreuse, I think of this uber perfect dress from Niniko. If you haven’t seen Niniko’s stuff yet, then you’re sure in for a treat. I first saw the clothes back on flickr before my trip and they were so cute I ended up thinking about them while I was gone! lol! The best part about Niniko’s clothes is the quality and imagination of them. On first glance, the line is super cute and simple, but once you study the clothes, you see what quality workmanship has gone into them: the textures are perfect, the designs are of the moment and everything is completely versatile. The clothes are ‘real’ in that I’d totally love to own/wear them in rl. I love that some of the pants come with belts and I love the jacket with the built in hood. And I love how this dress comes with it’s own long cardigan built in! It sounds so simple but it’s genius to me. I have a lot of simple dresses, so I really don’t need anymore unless they can offer me something new and this one most certainly has. The layering reminds me of some of the styles I’ve seen in Sweden and New Zealand, they wear a lot of tunics and long sweaters over dresses/jeans, although this line ‘could be from anywhere.’ 

Another favorite spot is !!Wild O and I hadn’t been there in a while so I stopped by to find myself floored by some new (to me) hairstyles. I’m surprised I haven’t seen them out on flickr or the blogs I read because the styles are perfectly gorgeous and some come with pencils in the hair (like the one I’m wearing, but it’s covered by the p.c flower) or have optional flowers you can wear with the styles. Oh, and did I mention that they are only $87L each? For the quality of these, I think the price is completely (dumbfoundingly) affordable. I fell for the ash blonde color, but there is also black, brown, red and a really pretty pink color called ‘mix.’ !!Wild O also carries some of my favorite, big, dramatic floral headdresses and hats, so if you’re into that sort of thing, then you must visit the store. (btw, so I joined pupe girl a while ago and occasionally go on. For those who know what it is, just how addicting is it to wear the flower headdresses like everyday on there?! It’s totally inspired me on SL as well. Now if only I could upload more pictures, so I can get more ribbons! ;p I’m here btw!)

One more thing, I was looking for the perfect, lacy scarf and had no luck. Then I remembered that Miel sent out that fantastic group subscribo gift a while ago and it was exactly what I was looking for! I love when that happens and I looove Miel! ^^ Havva Happah Day! Love, Abra

ps. Anya has done up some amazing outfits over at her blog, so be sure to check out some more outfit ideas over there as well! :)



Hair: comori hair ash [pencil] by !!WILD O
Skin: Melinda 3K by Mayden Couture
Headdress: Frida Rose in White by paper.couture
Dress: Longcardigan & Onepiece in B*Y by Niniko
Scarf: Black Lace Scarf by Miel
Bracelet: Bibi cuff by Uzuri
Boots: Wo in Black by Zero Number


2 Responses to “Everything is coming up rosy thru my chartreuse tinted glasses…”

  1. linkademina Says:

    cute look:)

    ps: your shape is great, i love it:)

  2. Abra Exonar Says:

    Link thank you so much! :)))

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