Happiest Day Dizney aka. Minnie & Mickey!

May 14, 2009

Cheese, anyone? Cheers to my friend December and her new dress, the cutest Minnie Mouse inspired number in SL. I love the puffy pantaloons underneath the polka-dot skirt and who can resist shoes with spats on them?! OMFG, I am so in love with spats!!! Get it at !Tarnished and get happy. =D Upon first seeing it I thought of pairing it with Rockberry‘s awesome character skin that’s been floating around the feeds. Seriously, why didn’t someone think of a sepia toned skin before? Actually I do own another one somewhere, but delicately speaking, it’s just not as freaking mindblowingly gorgeous as RB’s. 

I must be on a roll here, because I stopped by the always stunning Chapeau tres Mignon and found out there is a bunch of Dizzzney inspired accessories there as well. Why haven’t I seen these everywhere yet?! Come on people I was gone for 3 weeks! ;p I’m wearing the killer Mickey Death hat (!!) and Dizney necklace, but there are also some awesome Bambi shades I’ll have to feature later and a badass Duck hat. I seriously love this store to no end, Megg is forever delighting her follower’s imaginations. Worn along side all the cartoon mumbo-jumbo, I’ve chosen to wear my favorite en svale suspender pants, with the ‘male pants attachments’ on for a more belled look and Drowsy‘s endlessly cute ribbon tee. Drowsy is a new shop featuring an all-star cast of collaborators from some of my favorite Japanese shops: sato Yifu & Nico Rotaru of KUROTSUBAKI, BettiePage Voyager of BP* and Mai Runo of Zero Number. (Seriously, could it get any better please?) The girls have cooked up some of the cutest tees on the grid, all with multiple layers & tuck-ins (essential in my eyes) and cheeky-adorable graphics that leave you wanting one of each. I mean it! I had sooo much trouble choosing which ones I liked the best. I don’t know what it is, but something about collaborations just drive me crazy. I think it’s all that combined talent thrown into the pot, each person adds their little bit of goodness and, in turn, the finished product is just something else. It’s like that ‘Stone Soup’ story we read as kids, yea? Enjoy your day, ya brilliant peeps. Love, Abra



Hair: K875 by !!Wild O 
Skin: Character Skin by Rockberry (group gift)
Dress: Minnie Outfit by !Tarnished

Hair: X’mas_Long black by =TEKU&Eko=
Skin: Ghost Organs in Heavy Brow by Fashionably Dead
Hat: Mickey Death Hat by Chapeau tres Mignon (freaking cool as ever!)
Shirt: ribbon T-shirt by Drowsy
Bra: In a manner of speaking in Black by &Bean
Necklace: Dizney Necklace by Chapeau tres Mignon
Pants: Salopette (stripe) by en svale (I wore the male attachments for a more ‘belled bottom’ look)
Shoes: Ballet Shoes in Black Swan by DeLa*

4 Responses to “Happiest Day Dizney aka. Minnie & Mickey!”

  1. Esme Milena Says:

    You so cutes. <3 Glad you’re back, bebe.

  2. Abra Exonar Says:

    Esmeee! thank you luv <33 and btw, you make a fantastic dj. wowowow

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