an all-american summer is coming

May 13, 2009

I can’t wait for summer, and it’s peeking from around the corner. Here’s my ode to the coming season. I’ve worn many outfits like this to summer music festivals and so I have that atmosphere in mind while writing this: hot sun, cool breezes, colder beer and the best music! And a stolen ciggie, smoked secretly with my best girl friend. <3 Also, a few of you asked what’s up with my blog. O.O Well, I kind of messed up my flickr account so all the links have changed, aka “picture not available.” Major bummer! It’ll take a while to fix so just bear with me, as the monotonous task of replacing URLs cannot be done in just one sitting. Until then the posts are private, but one by one they’ll be popping back onto Better Imagined. Thanks for your patience :)

Thank goodness for good wine and my red-blooded, hot, american summer. Love, Abra



Skin: Elizabeth in Heavy Cream (Look 4) by Infinity by Blowpop (my favorite!)
Hair: Blue Velvet in Break of Dawn by Clawtooth (Awesome ‘do in this color only for RFL)
Earrings: Modern Mom Earrings by Shade Throne (group gift for Mother’s Day)
Cardigan: Floral Cab Sweater in Green by Surf Courture
Tank: AM Tulip Tank in Champagne by Miel
Scarf: Charcoal Plaid by Miel (group subscribo gift)
Watch: Lasta by Bukka (lucky chair gift)
Ring: Spring Multi-Stone by paper.couture
Pants: Cutoff Jeans in Faded by Tres Blah
Belt: Alchy Belt by Rusty
Shoes: Freedom Flops in Gold by Surf Couture
Anklets: Filigree Tibetan Anklet with Amber by Yak & Yeti (now defunct store, one of the best freebie places *tear)
Bag: Cross bag by TOP (Bunny Hunt gift)
Poses by Pretzel*Poses

2 Responses to “an all-american summer is coming”

  1. ohmyohmai Says:

    eeppp… good luck with fixing flickr! It was so nice to see you in world just now although lag was killlling me softly and I couldn’t talk much :(

    *hugs* You are so incredibly adorable though! I wanna smoosh~~

  2. Abra Exonar Says:

    Anya you are a dollface <33 I’m so happy to have finally met you in person as well, lovelovelove <3

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