May 7, 2009

Hello everyone! I’m back from my trip, it was so wonderful, completely unreal. I’m feeling so good, really inspired and totally (gleefully) overwhelmed by all the goodness that is new to me. Horray! (and poo to my poor wallet, poor thing.) This look was put together after I went to the farmer’s market this morning. I picked out the most gorgeous bouquet of spring flowers and set them on my desk so I could sneak peeks at them and smell their sweet petals as I put this look together. More “everyday looks” for you, :)) Personally, I think the best looks are the ones you can wear just about anywhere. They are the most ‘loved’ looks in the end. So I will try to serve up some ‘homestyle style’ with that idea behind it. This is one I could pull out on any good day and I will wear it until it’s ‘threadbearren’ (so I can tan with it on. ;)) The dress is actually two, the puffy part is from a different dress and I think that the finished dress is greater than the sum of it’s parts. Love when that happens!! Well, it’s good to be back. Travel is something I really cherish, but I also cherish my home and my ‘home’ here too. So hi hi hi and kiss kiss kiss! And I hope you enjoy! <3xoxo, Abra 



Hair: “Cruz” by MADesigns Hair (old hunt gift)
Skin: “Petal FREX [light] April- Pure 1 by Curio (a new favorite!)
Dress: “AppleTdress” by anuenue (old hunt gift)
Skirt (under dress): “[bright green] one-piece -S7020*F” by = Hal*Hina = (old hunt gift, part of a full dress)
Socks: “Garter Socks” in Pink by UnPick
Shoes: ‘Rubber Boots’ in Green by Kinokoko
Hat: “*chapeau*Dorleac” by un Jour
Necklace: “The Indifference Necklace” by Shade Throne
Bag: “Straw Summer Bag” in Gold by Dark Mouse
Grocery bag: “bag of baguettes” by TOSL (freebie @ store)

4 Responses to “Blooms”

  1. hes Says:

    Very Cute :D

  2. ohmyohmai Says:

    yayy!!! Welcome back home abra ^^ Have been missing seeing you around :)
    You look adorable in these new april skins, I love how the skin fits your shape — very soft and pretty looking~~

    And I love how simple this look is — but yet you still noticed all that little details from the pink socks to the sunflowers — prettiness ^^

  3. Oh haii! Love the look.

  4. Abra Exonar Says:

    Thanks so much everyone!!!

    Anya, I’ve totally missed you too. I didn’t get any internet on my trip so I’m doing all my blog-reading catch up STILL as well as shopping. (poor, sad, skinny wallet!) I love what I’m seeing on your blog. Soooooo many goodies to get- eee!!! See you soon sweetie! <3

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