Oh Cumu

March 31, 2009

I’m sure you’ve had this shopping experience: You are going through your inventory and come across something you love, love, love that happened to be buried in some random place, etc. You realize you haven’t been to that shop in a bit, and decide to TP back to check out the newness. Much to your dismay, upon arrival the lot is vacant. You go to the other locations and face the same dilemma. Soon you are going through you invo, looking for any lms that may lead you to the new location, you peek into the designer’s picks to see if there is any trail of evidence there…but nothing comes of it. So eventually, you longingly hug the fantastic items you have and hope that somehow the shop keeper is just teasing you.

Well, this most certainly happened to me with *UnTone*’s amazing jewelry shop. I’ve featured this shop multiple times in the blog and love the pieces I have with a passion. One day, months ago, I tped back to the store which was an empty lot. It was so terribly sad. I thought, how could a successful shop just close like that? But it happens, sometimes it’s RL or artist’s boredom, etc. I smacked my forehead for not getting the clover ring and the headdresses, but such is life, yanno?

Being the tenacious shopper that I am, every once in a while I’d check UnTone creator Cocomitsu Mayo’s profile for signs of life. The items she made were just so beautiful, I couldn’t help but hope someone as talented as her was still creating, somewhere. I was in luck the last time I checked, as I saw she had just opened a new shop, Cumu! I was so excited and delighted when I arrived and realized it was a hair shop. The hairs are beautiful, artistic, feminine sculpts. Some of the prettiest updos I’ve come across in a great while, and to top it off, one of them has my beloved, missed clovers in it! The shop itself is like a while gallery, it’s beautiful and really sets the scene as the best of them do. The hairs come in 3 color sets: blond, brown and black, with two tones to a pack and 4 styles to choose from. I scooped each style up, because they really are that lovely, and well, I learned the first time, if you love it, buy it or risk not having it at all. :)) Check out Cumu for yourself! <33xo, Abra


details after the cut…


Look Details:
Hair: Cumu
Skin: Uzuri; Redgrave; My Ugly Dorothy; !Cybernetic
Lingerie: 1 <3 13; Chic Boutique; Ornamental Life
Poses by Imagen

3 Responses to “Oh Cumu”

  1. Pink Says:

    Hello ^^
    Omg the hairs are so pretty <3
    Can you also state which skin exactly it is from My Ugly Dorothy that you modeled in the third picture and post the SURL ?
    I cant find it~
    Thank you :)

  2. ohmyohmai Says:

    these hair are just the love — thank you for sharing the tp with us ^^ definitely will give them a look!
    You look adorable in that first skin — is it by redgrave? Which one is it by the way — cause I love the eyeshadow so much! Plus you look great in uglydorothy too ^

  3. Abra Exonar Says:

    Pink, the skin from #3 is Amy from !Cybernetic. I don’t have the slurl handy at the moment but I know for sure it will come up in the search. <3

    Ohmyyy, hiya girly. Thank you for the compliments ;D The skin in the first pic is Uzuri and it’s my current fav for dark skin. You must check it out as it’s even more gorgeous in world! <3 Thanks hun

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