Homes Round-Up

March 27, 2009

Hai. I mostly blog about fashion here, but what you may not know is I have a big love for homes and furniture. I think fashion very much translates into the home through personal style and expression, and a home is just an extension of one’s tastes, hobbies and lifestyle. I love having my little place in SL, to go hang out, change, take pictures, etc. Certainly, having the right set-up is vital for anyone. I went through a handful of homes before settling on my current digs, which I am totally in love with. I thought I’d round up some of my favorite places for you. Hope you enjoy! xo, Abra

Chico:Chica “Laatikko” $1,350L: This house is my new favorite! Made by the former owner of ::MCH:: (see “Simple House” picture below), this is her new store, opened with her business partner. The house is simple, well textured, modern and airy. The layout is quite unique, as it’s an “L” shape and has a break between the living room and bedroom. It was so cute, I had to get it even though I’m in love with my current place. You know how that happens sometimes? ;)) Also check out the furniture & pose offerings, super cute and some of my new favorites!


BP* Skybox $400L: Low prims, big, huge light filled window, built in tree. This one is gorgeous and super kawaii without being childish. 


>>Zacca<< “Di Notte” $600L: Dark, glowly, masculine colors and very private. The textures are GREAT and the layout is very simple so you can arrange it a ton of different ways. It’s small enough to put on a little plot and fill up easily. (Which I prefer. I know too many houses that are huge and then they are empty because the person runs out of prims. What’s the point?)


Scarlet Creative “Brighton Zen Prefab” $1,800L: SC was the first modern prefab company I was smitten with. Each home offers up creamy walls, lots of light and minimalist builds that are made for complete luxury. SC offers many homes, ranging from ultra tiny beach houses to huge, Mediterranean mansions. I picked the ‘just right’ for most people, Brighton since it’s the perfect mix of size, luxury and price. Check out SC for more.


(iTuTu) “Forest Skybox” $300L: A gorgeous scene is set in this skybox. Definitely not your traditional ‘home’, this skybox is great for a private chill out space and will appeal to the fantasy or fantasy-inspired crowd. You have to see it to understand the beauty of it.


Hasendow “Secret Water” 800L: Another secret getaway, a cave for the sky, or underground. The entrance is a hole in the ceiling, and light filters down through the hole. The pool of water has the most fantastic glow to it, again, it’s all about the texturing here and for those familiar with Hasendow’s products will know what I mean. Fantastic stuff and a fantastic skybox.


(iTuTu) “Blue Cave” $300L: Another “scene” skybox, this one is again themed as a water cave. Instead of being open and bare as the Hasendow one is, (iTuTu)’s is filled with craggily rocks, ice boulders and logs. Not for everyone, but it makes a great photo scene and getaway.


::MCH:: “Simple House 02” $1260L: This is the little sister to what was my 2nd house in SL. A great cottage style build, cozy but with enough space to play with the layout. Super kawaii and quaint and most definitely a favorite of us prefab junkies.
{also available} ::MCH:: “Simple House” $800L: Same textures as the “Simple House 02”, this was the original, with a slightly different layout, a porch and a loft for your bed. Equally charming, I’d check them both out if you’re deciding for the cottage look.
“Battered Barn” $395L to $1,000L: This was my first home in SL, a barn! haha! Yes strange to say but it was perfect! Rustic textures, high ceilings, lots of space. Barns make the perfect homes, especially if you like luxurious stuff, as the contrast gives the place charm and a more relaxed feel.
Shade “Big Bertha” $1,500: If you have a lot of space, a lot of prims and a lot of stuff, this barn is for you. Big Bertha really is what she proclams, three levels of rustic, high-ceilinged, open space. If you need a big place to use for multiple things, and you don’t want a fancy-schmancy mansion, Bertha’s your girl.

“The Old Barn” $1,995L: Another great barn, with fantastic textures and light. A bit on the prim heavy side, but when only the best barn will do… Also check out some of the other houses offered by 


“Cube” $4999L: One of the priciest in the round-up, the modern Cube is quite beautiful. The big window changes scenes and glow (depending on time of day.) A lot of this box is built in, so if you’re not the decorator type, but want a nice place to live in, this is the place for you.


“Moon Beams Sky Box” $350L: Dark but comfortable, atmospheric and chill. Like a dark sister to the “Forest Skybox.” I really can’t get enough of these ‘photo scene’ skyboxes, as I personally refer to them. I want to see more! ;))


Rogue’s “Artist’s Skybox” $500L: This is a pretty unique build, and I’ve seen it in world. What I like about it is the huge amount of light that filters in, the big porch, the unique ceiling and the ‘loved’ characteristics of it. It is mod, and I think if I made it mine, I’d add a bleached, shiny wood floor to it to expand the space even more. Also, for all the men out there, Rogue also offers clothes and accessories.
Ravish Builds “Tokyo Nights” $1,500L: A dark, smoky skybox, themed with japanese walls. This bi-level has a top balcony and a split-room downstairs. The floors may be dark, but the walls, ceiling and skyline just glow. Menu driven skyline changes views on a click. Baked light floors subtly shift glow with time of day. 
{also available} “The Lodo Loft” $1,500L: Ravish’s older build is a bit lighter and warmer in colors, as well as a bit smaller, but it’s still just as fantastic. Brick walls, baked light, warm skyline, wood floors, rotating art…a perfect build for a smaller plot or one with multiple skyboxes.
“Tree House Denmark” $4,500L: I took this pic next to the “Baby Denmark”, which is an exact (abet much smaller) replica of the full-sized version. It’s the only way I could fit it all in the picture! If you love treehouses, privacy and making a statement, then you will love the Denmark. A huge, beautifully crafted treehouse with 5 levels (2 being enclosed rooms), connected by drawbridges, Denmark is the tree house of dreams. I actually had one as my home for a while, and when I was up there hanging out it was the most peaceful I’ve been in the game. There are options for more/less prims as well as curtain options. Comes with it’s own elevator, waterfall and home accessories.
{also available}
“The Little Denmark” $2,950L: A smaller and less primmy version of it’s bigger brother, still as gorgeously made.
“Tree House Japan” $4,700L: The Japanese version of the denmark, in pink and teal, is quite a sight. Set in a cherry blossom tree, that can shed petals on command, the Japan is delicate and lovely. If zen is your style, this may be your home.
I know there are many more fantastic homes out there, if you know of any, leave them in the comments! Thank ya’ :)) 

13 Responses to “Homes Round-Up”

  1. Stephanie Misfit Says:

    Great post, thank you! :D

  2. Very nice Abra! I’m a prefab addict and I love seeing new homes that I haven’t seen before, good job.

  3. love this posting the Laatikko looks so cute must go peep

  4. Abra Exonar Says:

    Yay, thanks so much ladies! :D I’m so glad you enjoyed it. I may do more home based posts in the future, since the response is good. I love mai furnitures, >.< hehe, hope you find one that works for you <3Abs

  5. Anonymous Says:

    I like the loft in the first picture. Where is that from?

  6. yay i think you should ime homey person to and always buying bits and bobs for home moreeee<33

  7. belochkashostakovich Says:

    Beautiful places, what a great post! :) I’d like to recommend mudshake too, not only are the homes really colourful, retro and fun but there’s some great homeware things.

  8. Fabulous post, but now I want to buy another house. /me shakes fist.

  9. Anonymous Says:

    I second that note on the first pic!
    Could we get info on that? :-)

  10. Anonymous Says:

    Saw that first pic a few times on Xstreet while browsing homes but cant find it now

  11. oliviaconnaught Says:

    skybox addicts ftw! <3

    to people wondering about the loft in the first pic: it’s the skybox attic by nox diesel and for some reason it’s only intermittently available. right now i can’t find it for sale anywhere… i’d suggest constantly stalking SLexchange and when/if it pops up again, BUY IT. it’s so cozy and beautiful.

  12. Abra Exonar Says:

    Yey, I’m so glad you liked the post everyone! :D I was away for the weekend, so sorry to leave you in suspense. As Oli said, my skybox is built by Nox Diesel. I bought it the 2nd time it was available, and now it seems it is off the market again. Why that could be is anyone’s guess, although I hope for the good of SL living, it appears again! Thanks for reading! <333

  13. Dahlindah Says:

    Check his profile
    in his pics he says he is selling it
    no store.
    id contact him

    .:NOTsoBAD:. Skybox Attic
    51 Primitives
    Copy – Mod – No transfer

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