Sneaker Luv

March 26, 2009

Hai. IRL I’m totally a sneaker girl. Mind you I like my heels and boots(!), but when walk around I want to be comfortable because that’s when I’m at my best. My philosophy: carry a big sack, wear some cute kicks and pull out the heels when you arrive at your destination. ;)) Today I bring to you my new favorites, Aitui’s “9ifni”. The name is Aitui mirrored horizontally. ;)) I’m really excited about these sneakers because they rock sooo hard and you can tell the kind of craftsmanship that was put into them. The look of the sneaker is totally cool, very distinctly Aitui with that perfect shadowy texture and I think, in the world of SL sneakers, 9ifni’s look is very fresh. As a SL sneaker addict, I can honestly say that I was able to justify the addition of these into my wardrobe since their look is something new. Versatility comes with this shoe, as there are 7 color changing parts and 15 colors to choose from (someone do the math…), my favorite being the muted rose color named “Clay.” The colors aren’t tints either, they are textures, which makes all the difference as you loose a bit of the texture when you tint something. Each color is rich, deep and lustrous. The style is totally unisex and resizable too. I have a bunch of outfits planned for this sneaker as it’ll go with just about every color scheme imaginable, but today I bring you an urban inspired look that’s comfy, casual and a bit flashy. Hope you enjoy! :) <3xo, Abra

Details and more pictures after the cut…




Outfit Details

Hair: “Yohkoh” in Black by Kin
Skin: “Lyla” in Smokey 3 by Redgrave
Sunglasses: “Gold Digger” by Shade Throne
Earrings: “Old School” in Gold by Fabulous
Ring: “Everbloom” by paper.couture
Gloves: “V Gloves” in Gold by Vett’s Boutique
Shirt: “Heart of Glass” in Black by Emery (part of outfit)
Jacket: “Down Jacket” in Plum by Pure Style
Belt: “Waist Belt” in Purple by Emery
Shorts: “High Waist Short” by Emery
Leggings: “Hole Leggings” in Black by Kookie
Shoes: “9ifni” by Aitui

6 Responses to “Sneaker Luv”

  1. ohmyohmai Says:

    you look absolutely fabulous! The close up on those sneakers really show the pristine quality of the item ^^ Gorgeous shot! I love the whole look and I think I needa walk over and give those sneakers a check out…

  2. Ana Lutetia Says:

    loves them! wants to marry the sneakers!!
    /me is also a sneakers girls iRL ;)

  3. Dahlindah Destiny Says:

    girl, you are simply amazing.
    this outfit is just made of win.
    love love love it!!

  4. Abra Exonar Says:

    Ohmy! <33 Thanks hun! You most def. must check out the sneakers, they are fantastic and the texturing is totally unique for sneakers in SL.

    Ana <333 *HI5* for sneaker girls!!

    Dahl, tyty love <333

  5. linkademina Says:

    heh what a freaky look:)
    I love it :]


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