On the Shade Throne

March 18, 2009

I gave you a preview, a few posts back, of my girl Undo’s new line of amazing shades called Shade Throne. Well, now she has her shop all set up in world! Which is lucky for us, because her stuff is amazing. If you’re a fan of sunglasses, and want something a little different, fashion forward, retro…if you want something that’ll be a statement piece- these are it. I’m so excited for her, as I’ve seen her work progress and I’ve seen how hard she’s worked on this line. Her current line just scratches the surface of what’s to come, and all I have to say is get in now, because she’s going to be everywhere.
xo, Abs



Shades all by Shade Throne
Shirts by &Bean and Aitui
Skin by Infinity
Hair by VintageWear
Earrings by Bliensen
Poses by Flowey

4 Responses to “On the Shade Throne”

  1. Luxe Helendale Says:

    haha omg those are so 80s & love!

  2. nilgiha Says:

    great stuff to blog abra <3

  3. Uma Ceawlin Says:

    those shades are killing me!!! Thanks for sharing, will so steal some, <3 you look awesome abraaaz

  4. Abra Exonar Says:

    Aww Luxie lol yes they are what my friend calls my ‘Mr. T’ shades. haha <33

    Nil yey!! I wait to see your interpretation of them =D <33

    Umazzz, yay, hai luv! Tyty for the compliments, they are soo fun to wear. I love your look with the Jelly shades! <33

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