Confusion Head

March 14, 2009

Hai, this is one of those ‘evolved outfits’ that started off a little more casual and even darker, and evolved into a ‘baby pop’ sort of look. I like it, it’s fun to dance in and so long as I am able to wear my beloved LOTTA shoes I’ll be a happy, happy girl.

My new favorite tee is from This is a Fawn, OMGWTF Barbecue’s new store @ Starlust. I love the simple perfection of it and of course the ‘A’- yay! The ‘phonics tees’ come in letters A-Z, so you can wear your letter or adorn the letter of your favorite person. I’m really digging OMGWTF’s creations and am anticipating more from her in the future.

I was at Digit Darkes today, to pick up my Essentia prim lashes, and instead discovered a gift I’d never come across before. These fingerless gloves rock. There are two sets up for grabs and each comes with a nail polish/no nail polish option. I like how the fern set complement’s the belt. And of course I appreciate the built-in polish, because that’s how I roll.

For the lashes, I had to go to Essentia’s main store. Back a few months ago, Ash told me about these ‘amazing prim lashes’ and I had to pay attention. I grabbed up the demos and sort of forgot about them. :(( But something jogged my memory today and I was determined to make them mine. Entirely made of prims, no alpha here, they sparkle and are super dramatic. /me loves. Even if someone told me they are ‘drag queen lashes’ *cough cough D* I don’t care, to me they are feminine and sort of fantastic…and they are miiines and I <3 dem.

My pipe is from El’n, and if you haven’t checked out her store yet, I recommend doing so. It’s full of very nicely sculpted, cheeky/cute, imaginative items. I have my eye on the frog terrarium and will get it the second I relieve my place of some prims. She also has some ‘golden poo’ in the works and the teenage-boy humor in me is SO looking forward to it.

I got lucky via two good friends, Suri and Luxe. Suri TPed me in to score Mezzo’s ‘square’ necklaces & Luxe sent me a TP to Scribble’s board where you can pick amongst a smorgasbord of veritable goodness. How could I choose? Well, I picked Scribble’s bag, because it’s kyootness won me over and a girl can’t have enough bags. Although I srsly wanted to get the jello shot/gummy bear tray! It was hard to choose! I think Radio’s a genius for setting up this pick your prize board. I am unaware if she was the first to do this, but she’s the only one I know who has one and it’s a very cool idea.

Okies loves, ta-ta. xo, Abs


Hair: “Loose Pony” in Brown by Junwave
Skin: “Lucy” in 002 by Lazolli
Lashes: “No Alpha Prim Feather Lashes” in Gold by Essentia
Shirt: “Phonics Tee” in ‘A’ by This is a Fawn
Gloves/Nail Polish: “Dahlia Gloves” in Fern by Digit Darkes
Necklace: “Square Long Necklace” in Gold by Mezzo
Belt: “High Waisted Belt” in Patent Green by M * A * ii * K * I (Maitreya)
Shorts: “High Waist Short” by Emery (part of ‘Call Me!’ outfit, was a gift outfit)
Shoes: “Sissy” in Brown by LOTTA
Bag: “Purse” in Creamy Hearts by Scribble
Pipe: “Simple Pipe” by El’n

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