9 to 5

March 14, 2009

When I received a notice that Love*Soul just opened a new ‘fast food restaurant’ I knew I had to head down there and check it out. How adorable is it? Completely. Sit down and rez yourself a delicious lunch, and if you feel as inspired as I do, apply for a job in the cafe. Haha, ok, not really, but you can dress like the help. And with Parallel Love’s cute uniform, that doubles as a cute asian school girl outfit, it’s hard to resist joining in on the fun. If you’re not that hardcore, check out the burgers and shakes as well as burger & shake jewelry. Banana Milkshake earrings, anyone? xo, Abs

ps. Sorry about the ‘reflection’ on the photo. SL’s playing with me. 


Hair: “Tightly Long” in Black by Junwave for Copain Group (previous group gift)
Skin: “Lucy” in 002 by Lazolli (in store gift)
Uniform: “Love*Soul Store’s Uniform” by Parallel Love (available at Love*Soul Fast Food Restuarant)
Food Tray/Earrings/Visor/Armbands: all by Love*Soul
Shoes: “Lulu” in Black by Shiny Things

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