The Gardener

March 10, 2009

Postcard from Second Life.

the gardener



Hai y’alls. This look is fun/funny to me. I feel a bit Ava Gardener-like glamourous and yet, I could be pulling weeds. Haha. My look for the day is a bit homey, a bit crunchy, old school, glamma-ramma, and au current. It’s contradicting in that you have glamours pieces paired with utility pieces, yet it has a bit of a theme. For starters, the look was inspired by my new gardening boots. I’m decorating my home, as some of you have read below, and my quest for good furniture took me to one of my favorite home stores: *kinokoko*. At first I thought the boots were decorative, like my fav ones on my doorstep, but ah! They are meant to be worn! They come in yellow, blue, pink and green (as shown) and are about 50L. Not bad ey? There is also a free wagon wheel up for grabs as well as some group gift, shabby chic/chipped paint furniture that’s just charming. And loads of cuteness for your home.

Keeping with the gardening theme, I pulled out Elate’s Rose dress; I’m just wearing the collar. I LOVE this collar and, like many things, have been waiting for the right inspiration since release day. It’s so awesomely elaborate, you can throw it over some minimalist tops as I have done (Aitui’s the Marriage & MichaMi’s Glam Tank) and it gives the outfit a whole new life. And it’s a cool alternative to your typical (abet well loved) drapey scarves.

NC+’s belt is an awesome combination of fanny pack and utility belt, in a shape that actually fits my curves! YAY! I love prim belts, but usually they cut into my bum and hips, but not this one, whoop whoop. I really love the stuff at this store, great goggles, boots, cowboy hats, visors & guns. Check out Room’s really sweet sculpted furniture below, as well. They have this amazing ceiling fan, it pretty much does everything but cook you breakfast and it has a shadow that follows the blade’s rotation. Something I’d never seen before in SL. yusss…

My AWESOME headphones are from LoFi. So is mah school bag w/all the fixings! I’ve been in love with this shop for a while now, and I hope to see more and more of this cool style of items. ‘Antique Technolgy’ that’s a bit tongue in cheek, a bit steampunk. (Here’s a $10L stove to make tea on.) I love how the design of the headphones is older than old school, with their square design. Haha, they are too funneh. 

Lastly, I’ve been patiently waiting to share with you my friend Undo’s new project, Shade Throne. She’s making the freshest sculpted shades I’ve seen in SL in a while. Each one is crafted with personality and style and they’re all so different, you’re bound to find one that fits you. Or like me, you just may want them all. Check out her site here, her store’s opening is coming soon and you’ll definitely hear about it here. xoxo, Abs

ps. A little shout out to cka Pintens who made the cute pencil (inspired by four Yip) in the photos. I really dig cka’s work and have been a fan since the Broadmead days. I only hope we see more of cka’s work as it’s fantastic.


Postcard from Second Life.

Postcard from Second Life.

Postcard from Second Life.


Hair: “Cherry” in Powder by Lamb
Skin: ‘Sakura’ in Pale/Natural by Redgrave
Sunglasses: ‘Addicted’ by Shade Throne
Shirt: ‘The Marriage’ in Muted Rose by Aitui
Tank: ‘Glam Tank’ in Dark Brown by MichaMi
Collar: ‘Maria’ in Blush Rose by Elate! (part of dress)
Earrings: ‘Old School Earring’ in White Gold by Fabulous
Bracelets: Bangles in ‘Chita’ & ‘Senhor do Bonfim’ by Meu! (Christmas Gift)
Ring #1: ‘Dia de Los Muertos Disco Ring’ by Shade Throne
Ring #2: ‘Skull Ring’ by Baker’s
Gloves: ‘Stub Gloves’ in Blue by DoMoCo
Jeans: ‘Pull Up to the Bumper Baby’ in Dark by &Bean
Belt: ‘Belt 08’ in Saffron by NC+
Shoes: ‘Rubber Boots’ in Green by Kinokoko
Headphones: ‘Staticphone’ in Dark by _[TIMESTOP] (part of headphone set)
Bag: ‘YMF School Bag’ in Black by _[TIMESTOP]
Pencil by cka Pintens
Poses by VPoses (ty Venturino! <3)

3 Responses to “The Gardener”

  1. The Jewnas Brothers Says:

    Aoooh shiz you KNOW i’m gonna have to get that bag.

  2. Ana Lutetia Says:

    Love the look!! <3

  3. Trilby Says:

    Brilliant – I have that Elate dress with the flower collar and hadn’t quite decided how to wear it yet. This looks so great! Will have to try dressing it down… I love what you’ve done here!

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